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    Hello! I haven't properly explained my absence since I stopped doing the threads. Here's the reason why:

    During the addition of 5th Ring Enchantment, I realized that my current JPUL account has been far behind to be able to cover these Enchantments (Currently at 5th Ring with only Executioner maxed, only halfway on Granvia Quests so far from access to Rook/Berserker/Treasure Hunter, and 3/4s to Rank 100 so I'm not in 6th Ring yet). And so I wanted to take the time to further the progress for my JPUL account.

    Then, from the To-Do lists of missing content my friends have gathered with me, that there's a whole lot of content missing within the ULWiki. I haven't done anything yet for the fishing side of the content, nor have I added Enchantments and Sub Skills within the Wiki. Not to mention the multitudes of missing sets since the event with Noel (when I was sick). New sets get added each week, sometimes being 1-3 sets as we always play catch-up with JPUL's content. And I even forgot to mention the 6th ring.

    So all in all, I decided to take the time off to catch up on everything the Wiki has been behind on. And I apologize especially to my Patrons for the absence. There have also been irl matters that happened (more on that at my Instagram LOL).

    Anyway, this post is to tell about the progresses I've made so far during my absence. I've cleared a lot of missing sets recently, to mention a few, Vermis's and Suthiara's entire set of Weapons and Defense Gear. I've made templates that will help me make these articles faster. On the Monster Gear's side of things, there's only a couple few left to deal with. I may make Sol's set today. I'm adding Chocolat and UR Shinji x Kaworu later on.

    For 6th Ring, I've finished Val Dragoon and Zodiac. The Templates for Head Gear and Weapon Gear should accurately show the stats for those two classes now, even with their class traits. I'm going by the order of Soldier - Cleric - Archer next, and this also depends on how much progress I've made with my Global account. I'm also planning to deal with Enchantments sometime soon.

    Again, am sorry for the inconvenience of going full-on ULWiki mode and leaving during a collab event. I hope that asking Albus to cover for me during my absence have been well for the forum. I will be returning to make the threads once I've cleared a significant amount of progress on the Wiki side of things.
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      You're a great asset to this community! You contributions don't go unnoticed, and I think I can say for most (if not all) of the UL community that we appreciate all the work you put in to collecting this information!

      And Albus has been doing a great job as well.