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How to Post Images

This is a sticky topic.
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    Idk why i thought that it would work like that xd. I need some help.
    Who can explain me how to upload my gifs?


    • Pacifal
      Pacifal commented
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      In the brackets, it should say img and not gif. Replace the { with [ and it should work.

    • [MOD] Kier
      [MOD] Kier commented
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      You should use [IMG]URL[/IMG] in posting. You can also try opening the image/GIF in a new tab, then copy image address if the URL still doesn't work.

      Watch this video tutorial made by Kirin~ if you're still having problems.
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    • Toru13M
      Toru13M commented
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      Tyty! I am using an ios device so idk if it will work as it should



      Yaaay it really worked! Hmm. How curious i am pretty sure that i did the same thing in the second prove. . . Meh~ maybe i missed something


      "Error saving signature: You have included a total of 2 images in your message. The maximum number that you may include is 1. Please correct the problem and then continue again. "
      I cant seem to find anything to solve this. I pretty sure i dont have 2 images in this.""


      • Kenzo
        Kenzo commented
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        It literally posted the image *facepalm*. ( I only have 1 pic in the img tags)

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      • Kenzo
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      • Kenzo
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        ok somehow it worked. :P

      Originally posted by Robin Reflet View Post
      Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher
      It's not working for me. I don't have a computer or laptop, does this website work well for cellphones? 'Cause it's not working well for me
      it's not working for me
      i dont know why


        Wow, that's what i am looking for. Many tks


          So, after forum’s maintenance i am not sure how to post images anymore.
          do i have to use the little *picrure images that appear over the text*? (Over the text there is this letter “A” with a little line under it. When i tap there it shows a menu (it works for the colors *letters*, and other stuff but when i tap the images picture it shows another menu. It says several stuff i don’t understand. But there is this “URL method” when i put there the URL/link it says “Image resize failed due to your image library not having support for this image type”.
          And when i try to do it this way [img][/img] it no longer work.
          it does shows in the text but not when published. (It does not even show in the “preview” thingy.


            Originally posted by Lavender View Post

            Uploading pictures on mobile does not work quiets audacity temp mail origin as easily as it does on a PC.
            Trust me...I've gone there a couple times..😅

            Unless you have a more advanced mobile device. Then don't listen to me. My device is IPad mini.
            You'll probably end up with an unexpected error, invalid picture, invalid file, or even all at once!
            HOWEVER! You can still share images or screenshots with other users! Here's how to do it:
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              Post a image is very normal procedure. You can post a image very short time. You need to resize the image as like as the web page image size want. Then find the upload image option. Just click on the upload image button. Then see the process, you image will uploaded very short time.


                It's work for me...

                Kodi Lucky Patcher
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