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    New RGB Weapons

    Just noticed the new weapons while I was getting cosmetic keys.
    I probably have to wait till next rgb to get them. Out of curiosity, how are the weapons guys?

    They're good, now if only I had the medals to get them
    My reaction to Rant posts:


      The bow is really the only weapon that is appealing. Soldiers and Lancers are better off with Physical Testaments, and Mages with Magic Testaments. Those classes can stack their procs, however an Archer cannot stack two Fatal Testaments. So, in order to be even more efficient on quests, a combo of Fatal + Conviction of the Archer is the best way to go.
      For Guild Battles, if you're backline, you're also already fine if you have Crystal Breaker + Fatal. As for Clerics, Cost Recovery is a better proc when you're using Aid/Greater Aid, and Heart of Health is still good if you keep using Dignity and other single heals.

      Long answer short I would only recommend Archers to buy the bow. Every other class should save for an Elemental Spirit gear.

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        I bought the lance because I only have 3 testaments and the Apollo lance. Now I have 5 proccable lances out of 7 (class spawns when ;-; ). Sure it may become out dated but it took me 12-13 months to outdate my Sting lances and even now I sometimes use them (especially if it's Mobius). So even though the 5th ring skills may become outdated, it will last me personally a good while before it does. I would infuse my 50 medal RGB lance away if I had a 27 cost physical testament lance to infuse into but I don't have those.

        As for the RGB Lance itself, the skill doesn't boost Severe Sting's break chance I feel. Only the damage.



          New RGB weapons have the single highest stats for uninfused weapons and the single best proc for 5th Ring players.

          Needless To say, these weapons are "very nice".


            I wouldnt buy the sword..


              I bought the new staff since I'm a CB mage. Unless you're the back line buffing mage, I wouldn't recommend getting it.

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                Thanks! Gonna get ignis instead!

              What everyone else said.

              Soldier salty, archer sweet.

              Everyone else, situational.
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                Originally posted by Stoic View Post
                .... Soldier salty, archer sweet....
                Oh my God I'm dying with laugher here. So accurate xD


                  im a soldier, so i chose the sword. i like it, its pretty much one of the hardest hitting things i own, with 9.5k damage in my inventory

                  with its proc and physical test xl, i can hit with antagonize while unbuffed with 100k damage which kinda suprised me. i just wish a-team buffed up dual impact so that it uses attack and defense instead of just defense since dual sword just hits harder than it. but yeah i think the new rgb weapons are great for you to use, especially the bow
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                    Originally posted by Whaku View Post
                    As for the RGB Lance itself, the skill doesn't boost Severe Sting's break chance I feel. Only the damage.
                    What did you test the proc on? One easy way to tell is the Wyvern in Labyrinth. A procless Double Sting succeeds in Breaking him, but a procless Savage Sting or Severe Sting fails. Does a Conviction proc Severe Sting inflict Break?

                    And one other "special" thing about 5th Ring procs... they apparently have a higher proc rate and AP modifier than Heart/Secret/Testament procs. If you're noticing a higher proc rate or damage output compared to other procs, this may be why. Thus, these weapons are a good contender for the Main Slot, although other procs like Favors, XXL Testaments, and Cost Recoveries give them competition.

                    And if the Lancer proc for Severe Sting doesn't improve Break bonus... then things like the GB 2.0 Lance or even Secret XXL are still relevant for PvE.

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                      Previous to your comment I didn't test it but just got the feel for it when I used it in general questing.

                      But now, I just ran lab a few times using only that lance and with Lancer's Conviction proc it did NOT break. Only after using a 2nd Severe Sting after that proc did it break. Which is exactly the same as if I used 2 procless Severe Stings. Which is also the same as 2 procless Savage Stings. Done on the said Wyvern you mentioned.

                      I'm not sure if the proc rates are increased or if the proc AP dmg is noticibly higher as I didn't observe much difference even when I used it in the main slot. But this is probably due to my other apollo procs or testaments often ouble proccing with the Lancer's Conviction. I may test it later though (maybe not as many times as Nemu's 300 proc tests lol)

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                      Whaku Thanks for testing it, valuable information right there for 5th Ring skills. I think when they designed 5th Ring skills, they took the ''added effects'' into account, and if they were like Heart procs where the ''added effects'' are boosted, like increased Break for the Stings, or increased debuff stacks for Vanquish, then with 5th Ring skills, some of the extra effects might've been broken in practice.

                      For example, if we had Heart procs instead of Mastery procs, Blood Oath's HP drain effect would be increased. Then, Qwaser Waltz would probably inflict more stacks of its status ailments, and Etude Snipe would inflict more Status Resistance debuff stacks. A 5th Ring Heart proc would not only increase the Break bonus of Severe Sting, but also the ''Bonus AP damage on Break'' effect, hypothetically.

                      And yeah, on the spreadsheet, the Sub Slot difference for 5th Ring procs aren't that high. Once they're in the Main Slot, however, there should be a bigger difference.

                    It's not that good for me atleast it barley procs it's like 30% proc rate.Its good for stats boost I guess since it's basically higher than a Sakura Wep with x3 infused.

                    Good for F2P I guess^^
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                      I will pass on the sword honestly.
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                        How many legend medals does a block get for 500 - 1000


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