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looking for teacher ???

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    looking for teacher ???

    hi! i recently joined UL (well, redownloaded. i uninstalled the app a year ago but i thought it'd be nice to try again!) and i was wondering if? anyone was looking for a student? i main as a lancer!

    that is to say, im not sure how the whole master-student thing works other than what i briefly read around here, but i would appreciate the tips and pointers in how to increase my stats, and to chat abt more of what i can do!

    however, im only a level 50 dragoon with 52k+ power/gear score, so i dont know if that's really appealing and whatnot, because there are a lot of intimidating high lvl players w monstrous GC;; TT

    but anyway! this is my ID: 2042888213

    thank u for reading!

    okay adding

    let me know if you have line or discord

    Nemurerumori / Sword / Fujin
    Guild: COLOSSUS
    Game ID: 2017106838
    ----- ID: Slypheed
    Password: 123456