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Help Getting the Kohzuchi Scroll from Arcadia Mission

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    Help Getting the Kohzuchi Scroll from Arcadia Mission

    Full disclaimer, I would need to be carried on this quest. I am only at the threshold of the required gear score. I do have rather good monsters: Horus, Robin Hood, Sphinx, and Aquarius.

    I am not aware how hard getting the this scroll is, so I am not sure how unreasonable this request is. If this is difficult for even well equipped parties, please let me know and I'll get this thread closed.

    Thanks in advance to any who are willing to help.

    Edit: My ID is 2139525174
    Also, I have a 546k alt. mage with Mikaela and I can play both accounts simultaneously.
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    two good damage person and no matching is enought for that 3 mins scroll, shouldn't be a big problem (poked)
    700-900k+ GS main archer (vary with an elemental set) ; idk wut k+ GS all other class (was playing them all)
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    > check my Field effect post if you got time, thx ( updated with elemental attack and Collapse )

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      You mean Carnage, right? I can help.
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        carry me thnx