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Looking for a party to run Inferno Ruby - Carnage

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    Looking for a party to run Inferno Ruby - Carnage

    im a cleric and my water set has :
    Gs : 503k
    Water Def : 256
    Water Atk : 8
    Abilities : arc heal , greater aid, xmas, max enchanted dignity and area recovery
    Monsters : Himiko, Lucy, Ushi, yukino, Andromeda (ik they suck)
    I have line, pm me in game if i can join your party^^ ID:210114572

    If you’re running cleric, put all your monster cost into your weapons. Because of the lowered heals, you will have trouble healing anything at all, and this way you can only use your best water monsters(you have to use all of them before you can reuse one). You also really don’t need water attack, you’re a healer! I’d advise you to do the new water step up, you’re guaranteed a better water monster than you already have. If you can’t afford gems, only equip Ushi and Himiko, are you sure you don’t have a Tsuyukasa somewhere? She’s super common.Take ether rebuild in your set, or if you don’t have it, take out arc heal and replace with pious wish. You’ll have trouble keeping up with heals if you don’t have a regular source of cost.

    It’s also hard to find a party as a cleric if you don’t have the new water monster, as you really need at least one person to spam usage of her, usually the cleric as they don’t need all their monster slots. You would honestly be better off going a different class to find a good party. Especially with those monsters. Are you in the 40 cost party setup chats on Line? I can add you there if you want, your ID is missing a digit.
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    i like getting carried by whales.