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Looking for "minimum gs" interest

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    Looking for "minimum gs" interest

    Am I the only one who's always wanted to put together a team at a quest's "minimum gs" for the highest difficulty to see if it's possible to win?

    I'd like to actually try it sometime, but it would mean collecting very competent players capable of putting together specialized sets to squeeze the most performance out of the lowest gs possible
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    Is this including elemental? I'm always up for a challenge, as in I usually say first one to uni is a rotten egg on harder quests, to make it more challenging lol

    I mean if a minimum requirement was set at 200k, would this be a 200k elemental set or just a regular set, because I do believe ateams way of requirement is an elemental set. Like 200k gs with the appropriate element. I would be down for this challenge regardless!

    Edit: also, would we be like testing these requirements, as in for the lower levels with that minimum requirements? Because that would mean we would have to bring roughly the type of attacks they would. Such as no heroic drive, etc? Sorry just trying to understand more of what you are after.
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      That was my assumption. I think there's no way a team could win at such gear scores without strong element sets

    I'd be down depending on the element.

    I don't believe the min requires ele for the whole team but rather suggests the min gs of someone that can be carried through the quest