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Need to blast through Curtains Carnage quest. x_x

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    Need to blast through Curtains Carnage quest. x_x

    Forum noob.
    Need to get through Curtains Rise on Tragedy Carnage (65 AP) in under 3 minutes. Can anyone help with this? I'm a 537k Berserker/ 567k Lancer and I'm struggling a lot.

    Also need help with this. 550k lancer but with my element gear I'm around 500k, with 22 ele atk advantage (highest I can get RN). Never died in this quest, closest time was 3:44

    Monsters I bring: Holmes, Galileo, Diritas, Baby Yasha, stat sticks.
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      *cries* I can't get any elemental gear right now so I guess I'll just keep getting booted from parties. >_<


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        Yeah you're gonna end up getting kicked from groups that need the 3 min. I ended up clearing it at 2:50.

        You can still do the quest but you prob won't get the 3min unless you run with whales.

        BTW as a lancer I was also running 2 swords and a bow with elemental advantage. Don't be afraid to use what you have

      I'm up for joining sometime if needed, but my play times are odd. I'm only 400k zerk/lancer roughly but with 30+ ele attack and ~250 defense.

      Now I'm just farming keys in arcadia, but in carnage I preferred to run lancer with execute, double, severe. The breaks help de-tank sturdy enemies (waves 1, 3, 5) and ensure uni gain.

      The biggest hurdles are matching uni, getting paralyzed on wave 3, and having your cost stolen on wave 4.

      You'll also be slower with bad teammates. I was kicking anybody with less than 15 combined light/dark ele attack and under 100 combined ele defense. As always, anybody with cure/barrier/HB/etc got kicked for bringing bad skills.

      I'd definitely recommend main slotting at least one null status ailment piece to reduce wave 3 para. You'll also benefit from somebody throwing a monster like tsukiyomi or horus, who remove status ailments repeatedly at intervals. Best in this case imo is to uni mid/late wave 2 so that you still have some refresh applications going into wave 3.

      Also, wave 4 is not the time to take it easy. I see people trying to rest sometimes because the time banshees (I forget name) aren't threatening, but they sap your cost and reduce uni gain. They are the biggest threats for losing time bonus imo.

      Reduce their numbers asap. No attacking separate targets unless you have beastly attack. If you can finish one in the amount of time it takes the rest of the party to finish the first, then fine. If others are going to have to come help you finish yours then you're just giving the banshees more time to rob your cost.
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