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DO You NEED A BATTLEBUDDY or a Sacrifice?!

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    DO You NEED A BATTLEBUDDY or a Sacrifice?!


    Do you need a battlebuddy? Tired of taking hits? Do you feel like you need a portable bullet sponge, but dont want to go through the hassle of finding someone willing to disintegrate themselves for you?

    Well Look no further! Having lost my will to play,
    I've now regulated myself to minion work and am willing to waste hundreds of AP for YOU!
    Yes You! Ya sexy stud, to succeed!

    While I cannot guarantee that you will not be Sacrificed to our dark lord, I can guarantee that you will not be sacrificed by me!

    What classes can He play I hear you saying to yourself, short answer! all of them!

    Need a Cleric? I've got Neosporen!

    Need a Rook!? I have a shield made of literal chocolate!

    Soldier?!?!?! Yes!! but who really need us TvT

    Treasure Hunter?! Ive got a shovel and an eyepatch! too EZ next!

    Archer?! Don't even sweat, Toy bow and some lawn darts.

    Ok, but what about lancer I hear you saying! In my special box I have a really long poking stick with a mitten on the end, cute to look at but doesnt hurt. Guaranteed to poke what ails you!

    Beserker and Mage? Sorry I'm a gentleman and respect my fellow peers.


    If you act now! Super AUG comes free with every 20 missions! And if you find the Holy Grail, Not only will Cleanse the land of all your enemies, but I'll even share you my spooky meme collection!
    *Oooohs and Aaaahs plays in Background*

    Just cleared my friends list so I've got 20 new peeps to Sacrif- die for!

    First come first serve!

    Soldier Main 550K
    Name: Sir-Galahad
    ID- 2122815349

    List of Monsters: Triton, Leyfa(Danmachi), Luke, Aquarious, Lancelot, Holmes, Gray(Fairytale), Erza(Fairytale), Ais (Danmachi), Lust(FMA), Romeo, Bastet, and several others!

    PS: Every Year, Hundreds of Soldier mains go without love. Many are kicked out of parties, beaten down by other classes, and often astrocized.
    But by bringing one soldier a day on a quest you can help stop Soldier abuse.

    Have a heart, make a move today. You, can make a difference.

    Sponsored by that one Soldier you kicked out.
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    i need a meat shield

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


    Icons 101