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Hello, there! Friends?

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    Hello, there! Friends?

    I don't usually post here much but I've been searching through the forums for strats and advice for the longest time! Today, you and I are changing that together.

    My name is Tyler, my ID is 2033392645 and you can add me if you want! I'd love to meet new friends to talk to c: Stay safe~
    What's that? Alice gear is outdated?

    I can't hear you over the sound of my Shower of Cards.

    .horse power.

    You can add me, ID in signiture, busy rn but i'll get to you!
    Gearscore : 765k (12/29/2018)
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Mage!

    ID : 2015501805


    Hello there ^^ feel free to add
    my id should be somewhere in the sig lol

    cool sig btw, is it from a movie?

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


    Icons 101


      You can add me if you want, my IDs are in my sig. Just make sure you don't use the default "Let's be Friends!" message because I generally just decline those lol
      In Game Name: 『 Night ♪ 』 | ID: 2028809196 Level 200 | 940k Lancer (407k Atk)
      Alt In Game Name: §nu ♦ Night | ID: 2146066960 Level 200 | 701k Mage (291k Matk)
      Alt In Game Name: §nu ♦ Midnight | ID: 2122785494 Lv200 | 634k Archer (187k Atk/Matk)