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Nine Tails SUO

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    Nine Tails SUO

    Looking for competent people that still want to farm this event. Since the new blue event arrived I've been finding even more runs than before with people on auto or that don't even fill up with actual players and I'm tired of wasting my AP.

    If you are interested in running carnage level with a group and able to contribute to the success of the runs (debuffs, utlilities, curses, decent blue gear) pm me. Maybe we can get a line group going and coordinate some runs to save us all some AP and frustration.

    Lyssa 2078401380 / Kairn 2077616665

    Lyssa 2078401380 Kairn 2077616665

    I got two people


      Sure cause am weak af for the new event
      Praying to RNGesus... || I gave up on colo!
      Clippygoat || lvl 185 || Mage || 800k gs || F2P || 2091798093