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Any UO grinders/groups/etc?

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    Any UO grinders/groups/etc?

    I know there is or used to be a line group for ordeals arcadia, but are there any groups on line/discord/etc that focus on farming united offense?

    I'm at wits' end over the struggle between running with friends as CPU vs joining public quests. The former gets reliable wins with time bonus (but seems to never get the best drop table) and the latter swings between fast easy wins all the way to timing out because of all the leeches.

    Earlier today lamia had only half of the red bar left with 10:30 on the clock, and even though we had JUST come out of a buff uni, somebody had filled their bar and could not resist the compulsion to use theirs. CPUs inevitably joined, and we finished with 9:45 on the clock.

    I am so livid with the UL player base over my UO farming that it's ruining the experience. The game should be fun, so I'm looking to the forums for people who want to join up in farming for their elemental set monsters.
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    Hmmm I grind the dark one when it comes out


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      Also the Blue one

    I think the UL discord has a UO channel

    I’d be down to farm as well

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


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      Idk if this helps, but I switched to farming 25 AP if no friends were joining. I know you have a good cleric, so if you have eight strong DPS friends, you can clear it quickly with their CPUs.

      You'll always get first place 3 stars (90 prestige), and the card flips aren't bad considering it's almost half AP. Would probably work for all UO except Hetei.


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        UO is even more frustrating as cleric haha. Low scoring if you play correctly (not spamming indiscriminately) and you can't really contribute directly. If the team is weak you'll still suffer one shots and timeouts. I normally cobble together what mage set I can and run solo like that, since mage is the best balance of survivability and damage.

        That's enough to do most of them on arcadia with 8 dps friends. I just take whoever has the best elemental sets on at any given time. Maybe somebody who's online if I think they might join. Usually this way I win arcadia in ~4 minutes with 0-1 death.

        If I know I'm going with other players though I can full dps. So much faster, and even though the prestige is the same I could swear I'm getting better drops with other players, assuming the quest ends well.

        I can't recall a recent run where I've scored worse than first if I start reasonably early in the boss's health bar, but I'm normally scoring 2500~3500 bp in a full run with other real players dpsing vs 2300~2500 solo with CPUs. I'm also seeing fewer of the 30 medal cards and monster cards solo, in spite of scoring first with three stars in both cases.

        Makes me think BP is a factor, or they have some kind of weight to the drops as more people join to encourage people to not play solo.