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Looking for Friends and Help~

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    Looking for Friends and Help~

    Hi Hi!

    I'm a lonely camper, I usually stick to myself but as I've reached Rank 82 and serfed the forums for a bit, I've concluded I shouldn't be so solo-inclined. So I'm looking for peeps to enjoy the game with~ Perhaps we can become best buddies, I dunno but I'd love the attempt!

    My ID - 2093553355

    See ya in game? 😅

    You can find the link to a UL Discord on Reddit. Even if you just lurk, it may help you find people to quest with or help pull you out of your shell, into the social aspects of UL.
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    • Lucio_O
      Lucio_O commented
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      I've never been on Discord. 😅 I may check it out. Thanks.

    • Faust
      Faust commented
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      Not a big fan of the mobile app, but on PC it's great and mobile is fine too.