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    My cpus are crap and Im at rank 64, can anyone help me hit 71 or atleast close to that?
    230k-240k lancer rn(different. Sets)
    Id is 2032867448

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    oh pls sub y didn't you ask me

    Alternatively, you could just use your whale friends' cpus.
    ID: 2112488432
    In-game name: Bench Warmu~


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      Well.. I'm a cleric main but if you want to have a CPU cleric that is lvl 109 180k GS then hit me up

      Gonna be adding you

      Also.. I got to rank 71, the trick is just to get whale friends and abuse them for everything


      • SubZer0
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        Lol thx

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      hmu bruh
      aizen will carry us to victory

      Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


      Icons 101


      • Bevgebra
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      • Kayane
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        Bryan_the_guy why is Yuria better than planets? I just got her but I haven’t really seen a good time to use her. I’m used to spamming ares then simone at the end

      • Bryan_the_guy
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        I prefer yuria Becuase of aizen shield, kismet, uni boost, and higher cost for GB (gremory, yuria petita luka, mami, and yashumaru make a deadly combo). Besides you shouldn't take my tier list seriously since I put reindeermin at #1