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How to Post Images

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    How to Post Images

    Greetings, recruits!

    In order to keep server loads to a minimum, direct image uploads are disabled on the forums.

    HOWEVER! You can still share images or screenshots with other users! Here's how to do it:

    1. Upload the image to a third-party hosting site
    The most commonly used site is You can create and account and upload images there for free.

    2. Use the forum BBCode to link to the image
    Simply use the following code:
    [img]IMAGE URL HERE[/img]
    and your image will be displayed right in your post!

    That's all there is to it!

    A few notes on uploaded images:
    Images that display content prohibited on the forums are not allowed and will be removed. This includes images that contain foul language, inappropriate or sexual content, personal contact information, etc.
    The moderators always err on the side of caution and are fairly strict about enforcing the above rule.
    ・If a post was deleted that you feel should be allowed, please send a private message to this account (Ateam Admin) to appeal for a restoration. If we decide the image is okay, we will undelete the post.

    Now post away!

    Signature image courtesy ekichou.

    Just posting this in the Fan Works forum as well!

    Signature image courtesy ekichou.


    • || Candy ||
      || Candy || commented
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      Where do you find the green arrow to post the link? IK you have to upload first, which I did, but where is it?

    Where do we type the BBCode?


    • Lavender
      Lavender commented
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      Where it says "Write something..."

    What if I don't want my art to be available on imgur? Could I possibly create an imgur account, upload a pic on there, post the image's url on this site, then immediately remove it from imgur? Would the image still be here? Would that work? My artworks are practically my babies, so I'm paranoid that someone will steal it off of my imgur gallery and falsely claim that THEY made it, not me. I don't want some artwork child-predator art-snatching my precious metaphorical children from me. I'm not joking, either.

    Also, where can I practice this? Thanks! ^^
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    Non Omnis Moriar...

    Or just "N.O.M.", if you're in a hurry.


    • Nayru02
      Nayru02 commented
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      Unless you post it under a registered imgur account, only those with the imgur link to your image can see it on imgur. You can also simply sign it inside the picture.

    • Anda Yumiko
      Anda Yumiko commented
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      I kinda already figured it out with another forumer's help several weeks ago, but I nonetheless appreciate your help. Lol, I probably should've posted an update on this thread or something. XD

    • FunnyAnime
      FunnyAnime commented
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      Same here bud

    Im having some trouble linking the image straight into the post? is there a size limit to it
    Last edited by Melonu; 11-30-2016, 05:34 AM. Reason: update i realized how to add images now xD no need to reply to this. thanks


    • NoriNori
      NoriNori commented
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    I still cant do it. gives me the little img box i tried everything someone help?

    I did it issue was .png and the actual code thanks to Lisune and Einescii
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    • Einescii
      Einescii commented
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      you've copied the wrong link! make sure it has a .jpg or .png or .gif towards the end.

      many people seem to overlook this and i am wondering if this should be added to the instructions as well.

    • Chaotic_Nate
      Chaotic_Nate commented
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      I did and it didn't work, I been using imgur the whole time.

    • FunnyAnime
      FunnyAnime commented
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      Same here bud

    Thank you!
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      Deviantart work also cuz imgur isnt work say something about it not be there or something


      • Einescii
        Einescii commented
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        Of course DeviantArt works, it provides an image link. The one thing that doesnt have an image link are photos saved on devices. So you go to an image uploading site like Imgur to get a link so you can make it visible on forums via BBCode. Imgur and other sites provide different kinds of links, so you probably chose the wrong image link that ISN'T BBCode.


      HOW the nani is it possible to Upload my Profile Pic?? I don't understand.
      (I also didn't really know where to post this question; Sorry about that)

      I've already tried different kinds of File extensions.. gif, jpeg and others..
      So I don't think that's the problem ;^;


      • Faust
        Faust commented
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        100x100 pixels max. It says 200 but lies. Someone said they had to go 99x99 to get it to work.

      • Claire Fennekin
        Claire Fennekin commented
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        Faust thank you very much!
        -ill try it again soon... +_+