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2018 Finale Pixel Heads [5] + Extras

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    2018 Finale Pixel Heads [5] + Extras

    hi everyone !!! im so happy that i'm done with finals & on to holiday break ! :] YAYAYAYAYY

    first i have 5 new heads today requested from the ul community hehehe

    here we have Repti, Fiine, Ieyasu, Yashamaru, & Teach ! All of them took a long while to make hahaha but i hope you like them !
    the next thing is one image of all the Pixel heads i posted here this year (including these 5)
    there are 45 Pixel Heads that i posted in 2018 forums!
    8 Fire/8 Water/7 Wind/9 Light
    7 Dark/3 Time/2 Star/1 Other

    and an image of all the Pixel heads i posted overall
    there are 100 Pixel Heads that i posted in Ateam forums!
    16 Fire/20 Water/14 Wind/16 Light
    23 Dark/8 Time/2 Star/1 Other

    well i changed a few people's faces haha & there are certainly more heads added this year ! (even though i haven't posted much haha)

    i'm really glad to make a lot of heads the past 2 years for everyone to see :'D hehehe i hope to make more next year !!!
    (also i prepared a lot of digital drawings to post for next year !! i hope i can finish to show them too ! )

    Thank you everyone for supporting my art !!!!! ily all :')
    Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    UL IDs:
    VC ID:

    so cute!
    edward looks amazing

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


    Icons 101


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      Yayyy Thank you !!