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  • Yumiko's UL Art Thread

    Guess what? I got on UL this morning, and was greeted with this:

    Now, I already knew this was coming, because I've seen other people post about their 501st login day, so that popped up in my mind yesterday morning when I saw "login day 500" on the screen.

    So I decided to create my UL artwork thread TODAY!

    *sparkly confetti*

    Well, it's about time!!! If I'm gonna post more UL art, I might as well create one place to put them all, right?

    *more sparkly confetti*

    So! To start this off, here's a small bit that I cooked up yesterday:

    I've also submitted this artwork on my DA as well.

    I used some pretty bright and colorful yellow soft core prismacolors for my hair (with the hair-shines created with white), both peach and light peach for the skin, and a few different shades of cool grey for shading parts on the blindfold (the color base I used is white), but unfortunately, my scanner decided to mute them. I tried my best to fix it, but both my computer and my scanner just won't cooperate. <(TT^TT)>

    I have pretty bad handwriting, so the hardest part was the painstakingly-slow time it took to make my handwriting as neat as possible. That includes the block-letters for the word "GENIUS", which also looks uneven (I left it uncolored because it stands out better that way). And if you're wondering why the black lines look slightly faded in some parts, it's because I first lightly sketch out everything on the paper and clean it up a little before going back over the remaining lines with a pigma macron cartoon/manga artist ink pen (they're more like different sizes of fine markers, but they're called "pens" anyway). After letting it dry to let the ink lines set in, I go back over it again with an eraser, so that's why.

    From now on, any UL art I make will be posted here. Let me know what y'all think!

    P.S. I meant to put "Thread" instead of "Dump" in the thread title. If an admin/mod could fix that for me, I'd be very thankful. :T
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    I love it, even 'muted'. Very simple.
    I also love using that kind of saying. 'If I can't see them, they can't see me.' Just silly lol. Like when I play hide&seek and stand behind a lamp/thin tree with my hands over my eyes.

    Good luck with your gems.
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      Will you have more GENIUS. ideas?

    • AndaYumiko
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      I see what you did there XDDD

      And yes, I'm sure I will.

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    This is hilarious! Nice job!
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      Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

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    Genius indeed

    I can't wait to see more of your UL fan art !!
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    bump bc u dont deserve to be crushed by bots

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      A like for being my hero.

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      no problem senpai

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      This ^

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    GENUIS (Lol guess it turned into a pun)
    Nice artwork as well.

    ​Btw, where'd you get that blindfold?
    I never seem to be able to get it at all.
    Views are quite different, yes?

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    ​When you already know spawning is pointless but RNG decides to troll that one time to make you spawn again.


    • Bevgebra
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      it was from fp spawn last summer

    • Rashin
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      Wha- I never got it T-T

      RIP me

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    this is too clever xD
    love it!

    Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art <3


    Icons 101


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      I got 49 gems on my 501 day bonus. Idk.
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