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when the first thing you think of to draw is your UL bae

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  • when the first thing you think of to draw is your UL bae

    Btw Don't sit next to kids when drawing on a sample laptop at a laptop store, or else they start breathing over your shoulder while you draw x.x

    So Hi everyone ! :] Recently I've been feeling tired and taking longer naps which wastes my summer break (rip) but today , I went to a Microsoft store to look for a new laptop ! ( I wanted a laptop that has a touchable screen so I can do digital art easier than on my phone :O ! ) I'm really bad at remembering laptop names but the laptop that I really liked was this Microsoft laptop I think called the Surface Pro ? and it's awesome : D You can take off the screen part of the laptop and it will still work , and and you can make the screen part stand which is nice if you like to draw on a certain angle !

    Unfortunately I have to order online :{ (I thought I was getting it today hahahah) but it was really fun using it !

    I drew a quick Lorelai on a sample Surface Pro (no reference rip) and I'm pretty sure some adult strangers watch me quickdrawing her 0.o
    Also someone tried to delete my Lorelai picture when I was gone for 25 seconds to show my mom which keyboard color I wanted >: (

    I think this took around 10-15 minutes but wohooo I can't wait to do the digital headshot requests with the new laptop soon : ) !

    *hmm i can't see the picture on my laptop but I can see the picture on phone ? weirddd o:
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    It's a really nice drawing! A friend of mine has a Microsoft surface pro at the moment also. The only problem with it is that when disconnected from the keyboard, the screen drains batteries SUPER fast... And if anything, try saving up for a graphic tablet later on rather than using a touch screen to draw. It really doesn't get all the details and I find it really laggy also. Either way, getting a graphic tablet is just a recommendation that can further improve your already beautiful art (I know I can't draw like that with a touch screen). Looking forward to see all the amazing future drawings soon!
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      I didn't know it drains battery fast .. do you know if you can charge the battery on the screen or does the screen have to be connected to the keyboard to be able to charge ? And how does a graphic tablet work because I never used one before .. :0

    • MiYo
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      I asked her about it and she said she doesn't think so because it wouldn't let you disconnect the screen when it has a certain amount of battery..? &quot;If fully charged it should give you 45-60 minutes. And also the tabs and other stuff you have opened should also affect it's life&quot; <<< Quote for quote.

      Graphic tablet is fairly easy to use. But I use a Wacom tablet which retails for around one hundred bucks. I started playing with it around a year ago and found it quite easy. It's like drawing on a piece of paper with a pen except if you look up at the screen, you don't see your hand... Idk how to explain it... But it's easy to use.. The only complicated part I had was how to connect it to my laptop. It was easy in the end but I ain't smart, lol.

      But the battery shouldn't stop you from getting it! The surface is really great. It's just that one thing... But then yet again, if you ONLY want it to draw... I do recommend graphic tablet
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    Noice plox draw a kake


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      I'll draw a kake for u

    • || Candy ||
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      Thanks you ;-;

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    Lookin' swag
    Also would recommend getting a drawing tablet for drawing. But if you want to get that laptop for portability then its up to you.



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      Ikr Lorelai is 2 cool :}
      I'll be using that laptop for other things besides for drawing :0 So I decide to buy it and use it a lot in the future !!