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character bust practice (requests =w=)

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    character bust practice (requests =w=)

    classes start this saturday /cries/ so while im still on break and actually have free time and not die from homework, i'll be taking some requests for character bust shots? 0:

    this is just for me to like practice drawing and try to see if i can keep a somewhat consistent art style >3> and i probably won't have time to do a lot of them before saturday ;-; (why can't break be longer)

    anyhow heres some i drew for my friends

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    Nice busts!
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I like your style.

    I occasionally make new signatures when I'm bored. If you like Marvel stuff, then keep an eye out for 'em. :P


    • isnowfairy
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      thank you ^w^

    I really like your art style! looks very unique

    Also if it's not too much trouble o;

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    • isnowfairy
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      Thank you! ^^ (AND YES I LOVE DRAWING GIRLS HAHAHA i was suffering tryna draw my friends' characters)
      is there any sort of expression you want? or just the shy smile that your character has on?

    • Sikerj
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      isnowfairy Just the shy smile is fine THANK YOU!

    You have very clean lines and soft colouring

    Here's my character. I usually never make it to these type of request threads in time rip.

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      I like the ones you've done so far, keep up the good work!

      If you have time and don't mind doing another..(not sure if the image will be big or not, tried to resize it and may have failed lol)



        take your time with these, don't stress and have fun Best of luck by the way, they look great, I'll be around to watch your thread!
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          Okay but like omfg that is hot your art is hot and do you know what would be hotter?


          Screeches because idk if I want an Alraus drawing or my avatar drawing lmao.

          Could you do the blonde guy in my signature? :0 That is, if you have time and actually want to. No pressure. (insert heart here why do they not show up.)
          retired ul alraus lover

          bruh moment when i try to add ONE picture n it says "bro why did u put 2 when it says to only add 1"
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            Please <3!!!~~~ ily forever and ever and ever and ever nd ever.


              WOAH SO CUTE
              your art style is amazing!

              I'd like to make a request if possible ^^

              Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


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                OH PLOX! Meh ples! Thanks much!
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                  Wow I've never seen your style, it's very cool~ And after alllllll these requests I'm sure you're gonna be busy, it'd be gr8 if you could do mine too~
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                    UUUUOOOOO Ò//w//Ó YOUR STYLE IS SO NICE....I like how you draw hair and eyes. The eyes especially are so charming!

                    If you want to, you can give Alias a try... He smiles a lot and has a tendency to be oddly carefree. He has vitiligo as pictured in the second picture!

                    tHANK YOU IN ADVANCE IF YOU DRAW HIM ,,>w
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                    sig art by Ushirogami Fon


                      No monsters?

                      EDIT: Nvm, I will change my mind, here is the picture
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                        Me me me me I know, I'm late to the party T.T


                          Love the way you colored the hair.

                          Instead of a frown, however, give him a smirk like this shot of my God Eater character below:

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