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[Milestone] Hit 700k

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  • [Milestone] Hit 700k

    i’m proud

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    IGN: [ AFK ] Rae
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    i like getting carried by whales.

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    ayyy gratz, any pics to show off xD?
    Soyyy | ID: 2012183903
    F2P 803k lancer

    YT: SoyyyUL
    Love my guildies!!! <3


    • lilacshadows
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      Imgur was being difficult to work with, but I think a mod just edited this post to show?

    • roychan
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      oo I see it now, you op >.< lilacshadows

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    Woah, you’re definitely my inspiration for now...
    Praying to RNGesus... || I gave up on colo!
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      sorry but i really don't trust people who are over 650k+ and say they are f2p lmao
      congrats tho
      680k Mage // Fairy Tail Rank 96! // 310k+ MATK // Top 50 in MATK! (for like a week...) // Current Guild: Clam Down Favorite Monsters Titania Aldebaran Patty Rosemarie (MATK/DEF, 3 potentials) Bastet (MATK/MDEF, 3 potentials) H&P Lucy (MATK/MDEF, 5 potentials) Servant Jupiter (MATK/DEF, 3 potential) Ranmaru (3 potentials) Cleopatra, Fatal Chalice (ATK/MATK, 3 potentials) [Dragon Queen] Otohime Mortal Sin of Gluttony Belzura


      • lilacshadows
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        f2p=forced to pay

        also I like confusing people

      • Hugh G. Rection
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        I’m 650k+ and I spent $4 :’)

      • Cana
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        Hugh G. Rection

        Sure but I don’t believe you~

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      hi proud