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Need some suggestions on my character

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  • Amberア
    commented on 's reply
    Alright. Might be thinking about getting me some purge gear.

  • Guruanu
    Are you using up all of your cost currently? If not, try and find spots to put in the extra cost and equip new gear. Work on getting your xenolance upgraded more since that will boost your lance stats more.

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  • Amberア
    started a topic Need some suggestions on my character

    Need some suggestions on my character

    I need some suggestions on my character and what i need to do.

    Executioner lvl 182
    Total is 515,903
    Atk: 211,619
    Matk: 60,886

    Supernova sickle 33 cost
    Skra,sacred platinum spear 34 cost, Has 1 infuse and +190
    Waltz spear 33 cost, +33
    Lance of Celeste 32 cost has 2 infuse, +70
    [B] Nakagami Halberd 32 cost, +32
    [BraveStrike] Fortia spear 32 cost, +198
    Bwededel: augury Lance 33 cost, +48
    Black Wing Lance cost is 32, +115
    Xeno spear 30 cost

    Mizuten Officer hat 33 cost
    Azure Heaven Dress cost 35, +8
    Headdress of Hauli cost 33

    Mizuten Officer's Regalia cost 33, with 1 infuse
    Summer miku outfit cost 34, 2 infuse and +72
    [Creation] Diane's Outfit cost 34, +25
    [Wind guard] Ais Armour 33 cost
    [Forest Light] Lefiya Outfit cost 33, with 2 infuse +2
    [Sv] Summer 18 Rin outfit cost 34 infused once, +25
    Super Nova coat 34 cost
    Garb of Hauliu cost 33
    Armour of salamander cost 31 and 1 infuse

    Repti Cost 35 +82
    [Final Pharaoh] Nitocris Cost 35, +198
    Summer Venus Cost 35, +125
    Summer bastet Cost 35, +141
    Lady Diritas cost 34 , +153
    Cleopatra Cost 33, +73
    Author 35 cost

    - Im seeing a ton of people with purge Armour and wonder if i should get me some.
    - I have a 34 cost armor that i just got from the nova spawns today and was wondering if i should infuse some of my 33's and put that in place of them.

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