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LANCER 190K GS in need of advice

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    LANCER 190K GS in need of advice

    hey everyone my lancer is at 197k with only a 80k attack with one or two weapons infused once any help on what i can do to up my att?

    P.S i cant post a pic of my setup yet but when i get the chance i will and any feedback would be wonderful thanks!!!

    If you farm the dark ordeal for the new blessing set that can help out, the weapon is 31 cost and when you have all 3 pieces equipped (weapon/armor/helm) you will receive a 20% buff in battle, quest, etc. you can also save up your gems and wait for the next class spawn to come around. Those have lately been giving 31+ weapons that are infused 4 times. Also if you do not have the granvia sword crest weapon, that one is good to get. It starts out as a SR that boosts atk/matk of lances and scythes by 10% (if I remember correctly) and can be reforged all the way up to UUR where it will provide a 20% boost and a new spell. Upgrading that weapon takes a while as it requires colosseum and mobius medals, along with various monsters/weapons/armor from ordeals and the SUO quests.


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      Oooh, I didn't know the dark ordeal set gives you a 20t boost, time to get the armour now, THANKS!

    • Guruanu
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      It doesn’t show up on the character page, but when you have all 3 in mainslot you will get a buff called “twilight dieties blessing” that will boost your atk by 20% during everything.

    It's really difficult to give any advice without know what you gear is and what class tier you're on (my guess executioner)


      i am an executioner an yeah i know it is a little hard and i do not have that sword how might i be able to aquire it.


        See for guidelines on how to gear each class, where to get upgrades without spending gems, and how to allocate gear cost.

        (This time I'm making a note for mods: It's from

        Granvia sword crests are from ranked guild battles/raids. You need 30 to exchange for 1 SR weapon.


          thanks also here is all my currently equiped weapons. ok since i am not able to post a picture i will type everything i can:{
          Class:Executioner full ring GS as of now 197036 Attack:78949 MAttack:21046 Defense:60464 MDefense:36577

          Weapons: Lv 78/80Scepter of Qitian ATK:7590 MATK:1827(One infusion)
          Lv70/70 Fafnirs tempest +13: Atk 8107 MAtk:2021(No Infusions)
          Lv70/70 Lance of Celeste Atk:11866 MAtk:2785(no infusions)
          Lv70/70 Spear of Incandescence Atk:7730 MAtk:1713(No Infusions)
          Lv80/80 Divine Tempest Spear Atk:7046 MAtk:1647(One Infusion)
          Lv70/80 Lance of Lux Atk:6307 MAtk:1703(One Infusion)
          Here are all my weapons


          • Vegecat
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            Unlock more weapon slots. The guide gives multiple tips on leveling up, but I personally loved the one about stage4 of the final Granvia zone. I got to lv180 fairly quickly once I did that for a half hour each day (during limi race buff). I've been either farming events/enhance or letting AP overflow since then, and only ran a stage4, er, twice? (30ish min each time) after they raised the level cap again, so I'm going back there sometime. Haven't used a single xp key in my life, IDK what I'm going to do with them all...

            A few more weapons equipped should really help your ATK.

            Btw, I wouldn't worry about infusions (other than farmable dupes) until endgame, personally. At least I'd wait until learning which gear you want to save for various sets and which are worth the ether.