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My Soldier One Trick Pony! [ Elaine's 2000iq Guide ]

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  • nadav1230
    Here's my wimpy archer response to why divine smash is, in fact, not as powerful as rage slash.

    Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, I have dual dmg down xl's. (In reality Athena armors do this for me). That's 20% damage reduction (2 barrier). Then, I barrier myself. That's 50% damage reduction. Already your smashes are severely reduced, compared to rage slash.

    But the linchpin in this while thing is that I also run guard, which reduces damage another 50%. With the other 50% damage reduction, that's 100% damage reduction. I can nullify all not piercing damage for six seconds with this. I don't care how many smashes or antos I get hit with, it'll all be zero.

    *also don't forget my omni damage down and omni reflect procs

    And while you're smashing and antagonizing me, I'm gaining uni while taking little to no damage despite your buffs and my trash defenses. And when I get uni, I can drop a lefy or my new juliet and start one shotting everyone while sitting behind 4 stacks of reflect and my barriers and guards, which i can continue to use.

    Rage slash, on the other hand, can penetrate my 5 barrier and my lefys reflect, making it a powerful tool for killing me pre and post uni.

    Hope your brain cells had a fun trip on "Episode 5: Revenge of the Archer".

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  • JosUL
    commented on 's reply
    Elaine Purchase Starbursts today! At your local store (Not sponsored)

  • Elaine
    commented on 's reply
    n0 Mages hurt just sneezing on us soldiers. haha x'D

  • JosUL
    Does this work for mage?

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  • Elaine
    commented on 's reply
    I'm glad you enjoyed loosing braincells x'D

  • Night-Hawk
    I lost about 40% of my brain tissue but my Soldier DPS went up 133.7%. 10/10 would lose brain cells again

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  • Elaine
    started a topic My Soldier One Trick Pony! [ Elaine's 2000iq Guide ]

    My Soldier One Trick Pony! [ Elaine's 2000iq Guide ]

    [warning: this thread may make you loose brain cells]

    Hello everyone! I'm Elaine! On my current IGN, I am currently a 370k Soldier Main with Rook and Treasure Hunter as my subclasses. By no means is this thread a guide, or, intentionally at least. But I will warn you now that this build/logic/showcase may be absolute trash. But at the same time, It is really fun and I hope others give it a try. Well, given you have the gear! I'll do my best to explain my gear, what gear you should use, as well as perks and abilities that you should take.

    Side note: I've played this game since launch on various accounts, both retired and running, and this build I'm about to show you is by far my favorite!

    Essentially, this build is doing exactly what the soldier wasn't designed to do. This build gives a soldier some insane damage that deceives the gs the player has. But at the same time, you retain some kind of tankiness that allows you to deal mega damage before getting 4 shot by a mage's star burst. I find this build very enjoyable during GB/collo season, given you take the correct abilities and make some minor changes. You can be a serious foe!
    PART 2 - Lets Talk about Gear

    NOTE: I am aware that I have 3 constant stat up gear pieces in this set up. I'm aware of the strict 2 only activate in quest. Just ignore that fact that I'm pretty limited on high gs gear x'D

    Now, before you literally start putting in the comments "this is a whale build wtf dude" I'll tell you now it's not. While yes, I do pay money during collabs, I've had to sacrifice a few goats to rngeesus to get some of this gear. If you read this guide, everything should work out if you can muster together some 28-30 cost gear.

    now, you can tell that I have some very unusually things equipped, and I also have some stuff highlighted. Do not far, I will explain the significant of these gear pieces. They are mainly highlighted because of skills/abilities/preferred stats you should look for. I will also explain some stat math as I go.

    Desert Sword ( the purple sword, the first one highlighted to the left ): While the Desert sword does have crummy stats, the ability it gives is really good for this build. As you will see later in this guide, Atk+Def abilities play a crucial role in damage.[Ability: [Soldier-exclusive Ability] - Ability Power 120. Damages 1 enemy with a physical attack that uses ATK and DEF stats] While having this sword isn't required for the build, it will seriously make your life easier. The basic attack sucks x'D

    Fatal Testament XL ( the bow at the end ): If you don't have that great or swords, bows with Fatal Testament will be your best friend. While some merely boost your gs, some, like this Orario Sword Collab Bow, will give you amazing stats, given that you are okay with some extra matk. Fatal Testament is triggered by your abilities, and can increase damage. Sounds fun!

    Def Armor ( Aiz Armor to the Right ): As for just about any soldier build, defense literally makes up your gs. Some soldiers have stupidly high def and sad mdef, which is fine. We are suppose to be mage's stress balls. But having def is still really important for this build. Again, as you will see later in this post, ATK+DEF is super important. So if your def is your highest stat you're on track! [side note: on this topic, however, mdef is also really nice to have. Just because soldiers are weak against mages, having some thicc mdef can piss off a mage. This causes them to target you more. And when your targeted it helps you out, as you will see later in this thread for the unison section!]

    Yashamura UR (best devil boy but also most common): Yasha is probably your best friend in this build, along with many monster like him Tsuyukusa and other buff monsters like them. What makes these monsters really good is there mega Def + Atk buffs during unison. Infact, any buff monster that increases these stats will work. I merely listed Yasha boy because he's easy to get ( video spawns for days!!! ). Along with that, he's so common and easy to get pot on. More stats for you!
    PART 3 - Abilities that Lemme Smash

    To be frank, the logic behind some of these abilities will literally blow your mind. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this. But I'm shocked that no soldier ever takes this. I'll show you my most common preset and explain it you all!

    #1 - Ether Exchange: [Mage Ability] [Consumes 30% of your max HP and recovers 20 Cost (cannot be used when you have less than 30% of your max HP)]
    If one has really bad timing like me, I take Ether Exchange to have extra cost to smack things. Alternatively, if you have really good timing, one can take Mirror Guard or Charisma be an annoyance, or to get extra defenses and unison gain! Between the two, i'd rather take Charisma.

    #2 - Battle Shout: [Royal Protector Ability] [ Removes all debuffs from your character, increases ATK by 30% for 20 seconds, increases max HP by 30% for 20 seconds, and increases Aggro for 20 seconds ]
    To me, Battle Shout is really important on this build. I take it no many how many variations of this build I take. During GB or collo, the enemy team will try to debuff you to high hell, and any debuffs against your ATK or DEF will be the death of you. So, by taking Battle Shout, it's like a mini reset button to get rid of those super annoying Tyr debuffs, or the -8 def and -8 atk buff they just uni'd upon you. Plus, on top of this, the ability gives you more hp and +30% atk, which makes you more deadly and annoying.

    #3 and 4 - Divine Smash and Antagonize: [Ability Power 160/180 - Attacks one enemy with physical damage that uses both ATK and DEF]
    These two abilities are a must have. Now you must be asking, why on earth would Divine Smash be here. It's trash! Nah fam. It isn't if you use it right. if you've been given +6 atk and def buffs you'll hit so hard that the mages will wish they were never born. And it's even worse for those archers. After comboing Battle Shout to Divine Smash to Antagonize, I've deleted the health bars of most tanky clerics, rooks, and even mages. That what makes this build so dumb. These abilities shouldn't work, but they DO!
    + if you want more ability ideas, Vanquish and Rage Slash are some good ones! If you want spend a ton of cost, Dual Swords is a good one too. Just keep in mind this ability costs 18 to cost!

    #5 - Swift Smash [ Ashlar: Arid Edge Exclusive ] [ Ability Power 120 - Damages 1 enemy with a physical attack that uses ATK and DEF stats]
    This sword is like a sweet screw-you note to that basic attack ability everyone gets. It's just a slightly weaker Divine Smash that hurts so much. I don't use this in my attack combo, this ability will always sit there incase I need to clean up when the cleric runs low on cost.

    As for combos, the main one I use is Battle Shout --> Antagonize --> Divine Smash --> Repeat. This combo should be focused on only one target. and once they hit a sliver of health, use Swift Smash as a fast way to delete the enemy before the cleric can heal. To rinse and repeat, Throw EE and then uni, because your unison bar should be full within three rotations of the combo.


    While yes, Unison is very important to this game, the reason this build is so powerful is because of it's solo unison capabilities. Many times I have solo unison in collo for the buffs and whiped out a team, while also giving buffs to my slightly annoyed allies. Because other classes don't understand Soldiers. If you throw your uni at the beginning of round two with yasha buffs and crit, you'll have 100% before the round is even over. This is because Antagonize has such a low cooldown and hurts for so much. And ontop of the Battle Shout or Charisma perks it's a hidden OP tactic. Or if you take Mirror Guard, and let the enemy hit you, it's there own undoing.

    There isn't much I can put in this section. I just wanted to put the importance of uning with Yasha/other Buff Monsters. If you want more details just post below and tag me and I'll try to explain my dumb logic!

    UPDATE [7/7/18]: I forgot to mention the type of stat monster you will want on your gear. It depends if you want to run glass cannon smashboy ( atk + def/mdef only ) or have some tankiness against the mages sneezing on you ( def + mdef stats )
    PART 5 - so why have I shared this build

    While most think unison league is a whale fest ( which it is ). The game also allows you to have fun with friends and come up with some unpractical but very cooky builds. And since I've had alot of fun with this dumb build, I thought others would want to give it a try as well. If you want more numbers, my entire build, and even some ingame action, my ID is in my description and I'm on a few times a day! Hope you enjoyed this.

    And I am not responsible for any lost braincells. You read this on your own volition.
    For More Upcoming Guides and Tips, please Subscrible :'o !!
    Last edited by Elaine; 07-08-2018, 12:00 AM.