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  • My mage needs a makeover

    I’m not showing off my character so much as hoping for advice to make PvE content easier…

    My mage is level 133, around 265k gs with my current badly planned-out gear set, or rather, unplanned--I just threw on what I felt like wearing and used gear cost to accommodate that until I ran out of cost. I played half-assed off and on for well over a year, neither knowing nor really caring what I was doing.

    I figured I better L2P a bit, because dying on 50 AP event key runs was embarrassing (and wasteful), you get the idea. I started reading guides (which give me headaches, especially when I try to translate them into what I should do with my own characters). My mage has medals to exchange along with gear to equip (and aug/reforge/infuse), so I was thinking about what gear has nice skills and/or high MATK or MDEF, but after looking at the Gear Cost Guide and example sets with every slot filled…

    I was hoping for something like this for my mage’s hats/helms (*marking what I already have):

    Main slot: Phys Null
    Damage Down (Vol&Rena)
    Damage Down (Purge)
    *Oracle’s Hat
    *Oracle’s Hat

    And then I realized this adds up to 156 cost already, and I can’t add a 7th head slot, even though I already have 2 Eyeguard of Decay (Phys DD XL hat, 26c, 2046 DEF, 5138 MDEF for me at lv70), 5 Null Status Ailment hats (two identical-stat types of 26c, 3634 DEF, 3727 MDEF), a White Rabbit hat, and a zillion assorted other hats ranging from 25c to 30c, all waiting for me.

    Similarly, for clothing/armor, I was considering:

    Main: Magic Null
    Damage Down (Vol&Rena)
    Damage Down (Purge)
    *Phys Damage Down (Belted Gothic Dress)
    *Phys Reflect (Lefiya clothing)

    And that’s 161 cost for only 5 body gear, despite a couple Finn clothing, 2 Innocent, 2 Null SA clothing, a White Rabbit outfit, and a zillion assorted other body gear, all sadly thinking about their futures in storage. I’d already given up on using my Princess Garb in favor of a second Oracle Hat due to its cost.

    Now I see why the F2P/Cost guide recommends equipping mostly 23c holiday head and body gear, which unfortunately I haven’t gotten many of. Which of the higher cost gear should I prioritize--I assume the Nulls, but beyond that?

    (I have enough Legend Medals for the Null helm and clothing; enough Limi cookies for the Vol&Rena helm and armor, although it might have to wait since I want to buy ether for this month too; and 3978 Divine Grace medals which is enough for two Purge pieces. That’s why I included these items when fantasizing about a better setup, although I don’t actually have them yet.)

    As for the 3978 Divine Grace medals, I was drooling over the weapons, too (especially the Xmas Candle staff with MT XXL, I’m not sure how it compares for my situation to the Assassin Rod with Transfer Pain which costs fewer medals) and wondering if the collab tickets could be worthwhile to get new shinies or infuse/pot fodder. But Purge gear sounds so nice for survivability. Suggestions?

    I have no ability staff yet, but I do have a lot of staves available:

    x2 Seal of Magic XL
    x4 MT XXL 32c (two from this collab, one from Oratoria, one from that last Hatsune Miku)
    x2 MT XL 30c (one from Madoka, one from Fate/stay night)
    x1 Exploit Mastery 30c (Yasha)
    x2 Magic Dmg Up XL 26c (the Cypher medal things)
    x1 Kronos staff, retired after picking up the Athena staves from shared spawn (thanks to advice from these boards ^^ )

    The Exploit Mastery is less than ideal for modern mages, I understand, but I haven’t gotten ToJ abilities yet (I seem to find cuter things to spend AP on and learning new classes is hard T.T ), and my neurological condition makes it hard to properly use abilities like Blood Oath (imagine around 200 - 3000 ms more lag than usual depending on the task, but from your brain instead of your internet connection). Btw, that's why I also like Null Status Ailments gear--I can't reliably precast MR.

    I only grind PvP events for rewards (like furniture medals) and don’t really care whether I win or lose; I want to get stronger so I can farm events more easily (don’t worry, I still won’t ruin PuGs by attempting hard content--I don’t enjoy wasting other people’s runs with my incompetence--but surviving Paragon runs with bots would be nice). Collecting cute things is the main reason I chose to play UL ^^ and I’d like to make farming easier on myself (auto'ing Elite without dying would be awesome). I’m still not going to go super tryhard or farm all day or pay for gems, and I get distracted from spending AP on UO or Ordeals any time an event with cute-looking stuff comes up, but luckily I’ve gotten some decent gear as a byproduct of doing random stuff and chasing cuteness. I just have to learn how to use it better.

    So basically,

    1) What should I spend medals on?
    2) Which gear should I equip for now (especially among the high cost defensive gear I listed)?
    3) Considering future patches and possible effective-nerfs/buffs, is there anything I should infuse/potential vs save?
    4) How important is it to suck it up and get ToJ over with?
    5) How important is it to suck it up and farm UO/Ordeals instead of cute collabs?
    6) Should I use my >90 xp keys to level quickly or is it ok to keep hoarding them?
    Almost forgot to add, I’m pretty happy with my monsters, especially the ones from collabs, although I get confused about what to prioritize (many are partly leveled or left at level 10, I’m afraid to do something permanent like feed Revis and Tiona to Lefiya as they’d be gone foreeeeeever) and which to use for what situation (+ indicates I have it reforged, if applicable, and leveled; ++ indicates I have it equipped on a regular basis):

    +Erza (the wind one from gem spawn)
    Lucy (the light one from gem spawn)


    +Petit Luka (one dupe left at SSR)
    +[V3] Hatsune Miku (the old Wind 28c)
    Miku x Filo
    +SSR MM2017 Hatsune Miku


    +Zhuge Liang
    +Architect Valk
    +Hel 1pot

    ++Amaterasu maxpot
    ++Hetei maxpot (I should’ve done Vivi instead IK)
    ++Vivi 2pot
    Avsaris x3
    Alice x2
    random amounts of SR Ordeal monsters

    I’m not listing Siren, Lilith, Poseidon, Behemoth, 1 pot May, 0 pot Party Limi, etc.

    If you actually read all this and offer advice, thank you, and I wish Ateam would let me send you Limi cookies or something in return!

    ...I’ll have to sort out my cleric alt sometime, but this already feels overwhelming. This game is pretty complex.
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    Hi. Quite the post.
    This is a good spot for this, you could also post in Strategy if you don't get what you're looking for here.

    I'll read it again and offer my advice, but I'm no Mage.
    Video Spawn Tips & Tricks [Guide]Creating & Loading an ATeam ID


    • Faust
      Faust commented
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      Your armour setup looks geared towards PVP content.

      I think you should probably mainslot Vol&Rena armours, although mainslot Purge may be better.

      You can keep the Null Armours for PVE if you want but you don't have to. I would drop them for cheaper NullStatusAilment(<3) armours, 2 if you want.

      Helm: (Cost allotment for these? TOTAL cost at your level right now??)
      1. V&R
      2. Purge
      3. Reflect
      4. Oracle's Hat
      5. Oracle's Hat
      6. Null Status
      7. Null Status/PDmg Down - Cost may not allow
      8. - Cost may not allow

      1. V&R
      2. Purge
      3. PDmg Down
      4. PReflect (lefiya)

      5. Null Status- Cost may not allow
      6. FTest [Innocence]- Cost may not allow
      7. Reflect (Azure)- Cost may not allow
      8. PReflect (Finn)- Cost may not allow
      For these, and other gears, I've been trying to keep in mind what is good to equip and what you might infuse now or later. I don't think you need more than 2 total SA Procs. Your Finn armours are nice cost and good stats. Do you just have 1 Lefiya and 2 Finn? I think you should equip the 2 Finn and infuse Lefiya into one of them, if you've read up on how to best reach max potentials having only 1 set of duplicate gears.

      With minor placement adjustments from PVE to PVP these gears would do well. Drop StatusAilment for more defensive Procs usually. Easy swap out for 2x [Defense Constants] in PVP. Mainslot Purge or V&R for defenses.

    • Faust
      Faust commented
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      Monsters: (don't have Procs)
      1. Lefiya
      2. Sayaka
      3. Ais (or new Collab monster)
      4. New Collab monster

      If you have a better MR monster, Amaterasu can go 6th.
      5. Amaterasu
      6. Vivi

      If you need more cost to equip your better MR monster, drop Hetei altogether, or put him 8th.
      7. Hetei

      8. Try to maximize the utility of your first 5 unisons and maximize the stats/element advantages of slots 6+.

      At your current level, I would look at equipping your best 5-6 monsters only.

    • Vegecat
      Vegecat commented
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      TYVM Faust!
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    Thank you so much! You gave me a lot to think about.

    I don’t have any leveling gear, but I do have 1,100+ rubies saved. Since I have good weapons and monsters already, I should refresh my ruby spawn daily until I see Cool Prince Suit and/or Ruby Heart Suit, ignoring everything else in the box? I suppose xp key runs will have to wait since the box refreshes are random, and I only have 8 gems after spending them all on Divine Grace.

    There are >300k gs people on my friends lists (one >500k added me at some point), although I don’t know where they came from lol. Their CPUs have carried me a lot further than PuGs likely would (and CPUs don’t yell at me when I get them killed ). I hope once I figure out this game better, I’ll stop dying attempting Paragon with them.

    The only ability staves I have access to right now are the Wizard Strike one from light ordeal medals and the DG medals (1400 Transfer Pain, 1900 Xmas Candle). I’ve been using basic attack this whole time. I’ll post on Strategy next, thanks

    I can’t SSR the awakened staff yet (maybe if I turn my Limi cookies into medals and then spam enhance runs for mats? I don’t mind sacrificing my Nyx staff now, I stopped using it after I got my two Athena staves); I have enough cypher medals for another Black Wing Staff, so would it be worth buying/augmenting/reforging that to use for another infusion, or should I not bother and just wait for my Xenostaff?

    According to, the Null gears are near-useless in sub slots with their 5% proc rate, but are good in main slots (15% proc) with their ability to help against piercing attacks (which ignore Reflect and DD procs), which is why I thought I should spend my legend medals on them. Null gear cost really is very high, though. While I love the idea of cloth (dual) Damage Down, buying one Purge hat and one Purge clothing would not allow me to buy a staff with my DG medals, so I guess I should wait to decide on that.

    According to, it’s better to have, for example, 5 Magic DD procs using five 23c hats even with worse stats, than to have only 4 procs using a 31c and three 28c hats. The latter may give better gs, but the number of skills is more important. That’s why I figured I was wrong in sorting by high MDEF and then equipping what I could, which left empty slots.

    If I’m keeping my numbers straight (sorry, bad at math) for hats/helms,

    0. Null (if I buy with legend medals) 35c
    1. V&R (if I buy with Limi cookies = fire ordeal medals) 31c
    2. Purge (if I buy with DG medals) 31c
    3. Reflect 27c
    4. Oracle’s Hat 16c
    5. Oracle’s Hat 16c
    6. Null Status 26c

    1 through 6 is 147c. I currently have 148 cost in head gear, but I do have 16 Scrolls of Insight to move cost around a bit.

    For clothing/armors,

    0. Null (if I buy with legend medals) 35c
    1. V&R (if I buy with Limi cookies = fire ordeal medals) 31c
    2. Purge (if I buy with DG medals) 31c
    3. P DD 26c
    4. P Reflect 33c
    5. FatalT 30c or Null Status 26c

    1 through 6 is 151c with Innocent or 147c with Oiran/Kabukimono Robes. I currently have 150 cost in body gear.

    And sorry, I meant the Azure Dragon Robes (30c Phys DD). I do not have the Azure Heaven Robes (35c Reflect). I’m a packrat (when I started doing Mobius, I was glad I’d kept a bunch of water gear in storage that was otherwise inferior to what I’d been using, and that sort of experience is reinforcing to hoarding behavior) and a half-assed-encyclopedia-completionist with limited mats, so I hesitate to transmute anything (except SR and useless SSR dupes). Besides, if I get serious about infusing soon, well, I read that gets expensive quick, so maybe I should spend my remaining 12mil gold more carefully.

    Also sorry, I mixed up my cleric with my mage. My cleric has 2 Finn and 1 Lefiya clothing; my mage only has 1 of each. (Similarly, this collab gave my mage just 2 Natsu armor, while my cleric got 2 Gray clothing and 1 Natsu armor. UL likes to give extra collab df gear to my cleric.) For the sake of my cleric, I’ll ask anyway: Isn’t the Lefiya clothing superior to Finn’s, due to the high MDEF? Don’t mages and clerics both prefer MDEF over DEF?

    On the topic of infusions, I have 38 ethers (and 9 orbs) saved up because despite my ignorance, I knew I'd infuse something someday! Is there anything I should prioritize for using ethers on, or should I not worry about that yet?

    If only two Null Status pieces are needed, does that mean I should go ahead and infuse the dupes now or save them? Do I want to wait until I can unlock skills beyond level 5, or is this not important enough to bother using ethers on? (The hoarder in me says, you never know, someday I might want 10 Null Status gear equipped when some feature with crazy new CC mechanics comes out )

    I do like my MR monsters--Wendy, Hel, and the SSR ranking Miku remove status ailments from all allies (Wendy does it every 10 seconds for 50 seconds, which I can see being useful in some situations)--so Amaterasu is a stat stick. Before I got Wendy, I’d just use a Frenzy monster for myself and cast the MR spell for allies in PvE. I suppose if/when I get Star Burst, my ability bar won’t be as free? (I use Undermine, Calamity, and Fanatic Soul, then either Mass Refresh for PvE or my other MR--Meteor Rain--for PvP.)

    Should Opening skills be used outside of Colo? I remember managing to do the final floor for Oratoria keys (most of the time) by using Health Regen to survive the first several seconds, but I otherwise don't remember needing it.

    My 181 cost in monsters is enough for


    and I thought I’m a failure as a mage for running out of gear cost. If having only 6 monsters equipped is forgivable, then phew
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    • Faust
      Faust commented
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      Saw thread.
      Yep. That's the most important question.

      Also, don't be afraid of the cost of Null gears. They are one of a kind, for now, hopefully forever. It's not a proc that should be Spawned.

      Grabbing 1 Ignis(physical Null) in whichever area you can afford it better would probably be a good immediate investment. Work on Xenostaff. Blackwing Staff, not necessary to keep infusing it. No rush.

    • Faust
      Faust commented
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      Oh, and as for the exp gear in Ruby Box, personally, Ruby box is for me to acquire the rare cosmetics I don't already have, and yes I would like to have 2 level 7 EXP Procs. The 30c monsters are(will be) also good for 30c monster potentials.

      I'm not sure I've really seen a Ruby Box discussion thread in either Strategy or General...

      ----I'd imagine for F2P, 30c weapons/monsters would be the best thing to go for. Attack Replacement Abilities on weapons for your class wouldn't hurt either.

      ----As P2P,
      -EXP gear: Despite the worthlessness of EXP gear when you hit level cap, I think it's valuable because it removes the added value of exp keys from trap spawns. I like to hit cap as soon as possible which means having keys stockpiled. The higher my exp boost the less keys I need and the less I'll be tempted to spawn for the sake of a key or two if I don't feel the pool/rates are worth it.
      -30c monsters: Because the chances of pulling exactly the gear you want from a full box is rare, it's nice to have something else worthwhile (when pots release) to have a chance of pulling.
      -Cosmetics, because the rest of the gear isn't worth much/have most of it.

      Would be interesting to see how the general community treats their Ruby Boxes.

    • Vegecat
      Vegecat commented
      Editing a comment
      Screw transmutation even with gear I’m certain I’ll never use (eg dupe SRs and 20c - 22c SSR weapons with no element) because it costs too much gold, or? Should I sell the completely useless gear? Or could doing some big/king transmutes be worth it for the gems from Missions? (I already got all the missions for normal transmutes. I used to infuse FP SR dupes for the infusion missions, but that’s finished now too. I don’t suppose they’ll add missions for >100 infusions…)

      Yes, squeezing in more procs was what I thought I’m supposed to do, but the extra proc slots might not be worth it after all. For example, I could fit in 6 body gear with my current cost if I use all 4 of the 23c holiday armor/clothing I have, plus one 31c and one that's 27c or less:

      x2 Phys DD (31c, 23c)
      x3 Magic DD (23c each)
      and x1 something (P DD, M DD, P reflect, Null Status, whatever)

      As soon as I replace any of those with a 35c Null (or re-equip my 33c Lefiya clothing, or anything), I’d have to unequip my 6th slot and go back to using only 5.

      Similarly, I could fill all 7 head slots if I added 2 cost points and used my lowest cost options:

      x3 Phys DD (from helms instead of hats, 23c, 24c, 25c)
      x2 Magic DD (23c each)
      x2 Magic Armor Up M (16c each)

      But that means losing MDEF (both from equipping DEF-heavy gear and from losing class bonus to cloth) and using no procs except single damage type DD.

      Better to have x1 single damage Null and x2 dual DD, even if that’s only 3 procs, compared to having 4 single DD procs, right? Especially since Null is the only proc that works against Star Burst, Rage Slash, etc and I read some PvE enemies have piercer which I assume works the same way (15% chance to Null if mainslotted, 0% chance for any other proc). I’m not sure about the V&R dual DD though, since they're inferior to the normal dual DD skill, there’s no cloth version, and they have low MDEF; do you think it’s better to skip V&R (at least for now) and use my Limi cookies on the Ordeal medals required for Xenostaff mats (and non-medal stuff, like the xp key, SSR ticket, and ethers)?

      I just hope you’re right and they don’t release some new OP stuff that costs 500 legend medals (right after I spend mine on Null gear). That often seems to be my luck

      I have enough DG medals for:

      2 Purge + 1 collab SSR ticket, or

      1 Transfer Pain + 1 Purge + 1 collab SSR ticket, or

      1 Xmas Candle + 1 Purge

      or both staves if I wanted to, come to think of it.

      Since it’ll likely be a while since I get Empress Bind, and my reaction speed is awful, I’m leaning toward the Xmas Candle. And then maybe a Purge hat. Decisions, decisions.

      I reset my Ruby box last night as soon as the timer was up (before I saw what you replied about it), was hyped to see the Cool Prince Suit, but didn’t get it (yet!). I’m just not refreshing that box until it’s mine hehe. The box did have some other nice things--I now have a second Tsuyukusa, yet another Null Status hat, and my mage’s first Valk (I vaguely remember at one point, she was supposed to be the best 25c monster ever!…maybe she still is the best 25c monster, it’s just that, well, only 25c). There’s also a Venus and a Shinatobe still waiting in the box. I’m going to have to farm Tapjoy/normal quests/ToJ and spawn stuff >.< Maybe I can get enough gems to do a few steps of the Jellal&Juvia spawn and try the ruby spawn again. I thought about collecting 45 gems and gambling for Mavis because she’s so cute, but I’d probably end up stuck with a 23c relic or something, a bunch of Rs, 100 treasure medals, and 20 cakes T.T

      I do like the idea of having 15% more xp that will be there the rest of my UL life, which will only be useless temporarily. Level caps are always temporary. I’m not in any rush personally, but it would be nice to gem less for xp buff time.

      And I wanted to thank you again. I didn’t expect such generosity when I decided to try these forums!

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    Yes I saw that thread! Lucky for me that I got that Tsuyukusa When I get dupes of monsters like her, should I potential immediately? What if I want to keep one of a monster for utility, but later want to use the dupe as fodder for a different monster--might I regret not keeping them separate? I'm so indecisive >.<


    • Vegecat
      Vegecat commented
      Editing a comment
      I just did the ruby box refresh on my cleric and spawned 6x (I need to spend more gems on spawns T.T ). Got nothing worth mentioning except (a 2nd) Nobunaga. I don't see any weapons I'm interested in, but it does contain the Ruby Heart Suit, a Nezha (don't have yet), and two Valks. She already has a 1pot Valk, so would 3pot make it worth equipping? Would I ever use a 25c monster for anything? (Cleric almost always uses Lefiya or Ais; she doesn't have as much variety of decent utility monsters as my mage. Maybe I should make a thread for the cleric, too?)

      She also has some crappy dupe SSRs and SRs that I need to figure out what to do with. Is the gold cost the only downside of transmutation (assuming I don't feed good items to the limi)?

    • Faust
      Faust commented
      Editing a comment
      Yeah SR trans is just gold cost.
      Tsuyu is the first of the elemental 30c's to unlock but the rest will come as well, although painfully slow.
      I think Yashamaru's potentials were recently released in JPul?

      What are Valks pots? If she has Unison Defense it may be worth it, if it's ailment resistances, maybe a little less worth it. Any cost you can save can help beef up your defence.

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    Then I should hang onto the dupe 30c monsters and not awaken them, in case I want to eg orb my second Tsuyu into Yashamaru later?

    I've gotten some SSRs from the normal transmute, and figured I'd save the useless ones for king transmutes eventually. It feels like a waste to just sell SSRs for gold. But is this one of those cases where gambling is bad? -_-

    1 MATK Up 2000
    2 Light Defense from Unison Damage + 40
    3 Curse Resistant +10

    Her last pot is 2000 DEF, but I don't think it's worth using up an orb to feel her a Quetzy...or is it? IDK how best to use these limited mats =\


    • Faust
      Faust commented
      Editing a comment
      Using dupes is always best. Yasha? Wouldn't you prefer one of the other 30c monsters? (...Or just because I said he's next?)

      If you have no inventory space and you think selling SSRs is better than expanding inventory/storage or transmuting, that's up to you. I would invest in storage first if you find that's an issue.

      When yasha comes out you can use yasha dupes on yasha and tsuyu dupes on tsuyu, or just save in general. Transferring those pots to a different monster would cost you orb(s) anyways, best to save. There's other 30c spawn monsters as well you may want to use your orbs on rather than cross-potting your 30c elementals(semicommon)

      Yeah, 3pot Valk looks good. Even 2pot. Curse sucks though so... resistance is nice (but not worth orb)

    • Vegecat
      Vegecat commented
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      Yeah, I just used him as an example because you mentioned him.

      My inv and locker are maxed (one of my earliest gem investments). I always tended to stick stuff in locker if I couldn't collect mats for them or just had no idea what they were for, and then forget about it. I still have dozens of R Choco limis (tons of red, blue, yellow, and a few purple) in there because hey I might want to fill out the encyclopedia with the weapons if I can get more Choco Windmins next time, that sort of thing T.T I was quite happy about hoarding these when some turned out to be useful, like my Novice Patissier Hats and Dresses that helped me collect enough to reforge to UR the next year; a lot of these, though, I don't know if I'd ever use and they add up to quite a bit of space. There's still room, but it means two pages of scrolling through clutter.

      One thing I really appreciate is how easy it is to get cosmetic keys these days. I can go ahead and use cute stuff for augmenting skill levels (in place of skill limis) or sell for gold, and know I can use the cosmetic if I ever want to That doesn't solve the problem of wishing I'd kept FP Rs when they're used for events later (like the New Year event) but without a crystal ball, there's no way to know which items might be used for something someday =\

      But yeah IDK what I'd ever do with 3 Thunder Sacrificial Bows (21c FatalT), the Heart of Divinity books (Plague of Light proc), etc etc. Once I reforge one to UR (for encyc), its job is done. And then I wonder if whether I'll run out of gold if I transmute, can't decide between King and Big options, and let them collect dust.

      Another thing I worry about is whether Ateam will change the rules. I mentioned I had fewer rubies on my cleric than on my mage; I had used some on my cleric before they re-did the ruby spawn system and then I wished I'd saved them. What if I transmute all my useless stuff and the next day, Ateam announces they'll make transmutation cost less gold, use up fewer SSRs per feeding, update the pool, and basically make it OP? >.< The things that feed my paranoia lol.

      Ok I really hope I can get my 3rd and 4th Valk from the ruby box soon! Really, thank you so much for all the patient explanations and advice.

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    You are honestly not doing too bad. I would however recommend ditching some armor/helms and try to always fill your staffs/monsters first. Run highest cost possible for staffs. Then for monsters, lefiya/hetei/Wendy/amaterasu/zhuge liang/vivi/revis. Hope it helped.


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      Arrrgh medal exchanges...

      I'm actually around 320k gs now, not quite lv170 yet (still saving exp keys since the events have xp multipliers), with 8 staves and 8 monsters. Faust was right that I can get to a point where my accounts can usually duo Paragon ok with 3 friend CPUs (although it's annoying doing wave2 Paragon Dark Ordeal, because the CPUs kill themselves on reflect) and auto Elite ^^

      I actually find Titania Erza a lot more useful than Revis (I use Erza during archer ToJ, while Revis sits in the back as a stat stick), but I do equip Revis in my dark set. And yes I use 32c staves, except for 1 26c Magic Damage Up (the Time exchange one) and 2 30c Athena staves. Still no Xenostaff; I have the mats at UR, but I need 20 more Granvia Sword Crests and 4 more Colo medals.

      I now use Lefiya and Wendy everywhere, and the rest depends on the quest/raid/whatever. I have even more to choose from now, including Surtr; Yuria, Bride of Dawn; Aizen (lol); Anubis (edit: I laugh at these low cost mons but I just realized I could use this as a stat stick in my dark set if I reforged it); Aladdin; and a Thanatos that I need to pot sometime (he's still worth less than 1pot Yuno right now) >.<

      New off-stat for my mage: Aqua Valk; Christiana; Filo; butler Jupiter; KFC; Artemis x2; and Odin (I realized ToJ can be pretty fun!). I find it amusing that it took me so long to get monsters like KFC and Aizen, but better late than never.

      So once again I have medals to spend before they expire, this time 3082 Valk&Athena medals.

      I have more monsters than I know what to do with so I don't think I have to worry about buying those or the monster tickets. I'm thinking about buying out the Athena staves so I never ever run out of cost (maybe someday if I get more than 7 of them, I'll think about using them for infusion, but I love being able to spam spells without running out of cost! who needs MT XXL or other procs when Seal XL exists, rite?), 4 x 560 medals. But I only have one omni Dual Down piece (Purge clothing) and one omni Reflect piece (Valk helm), so I kinda want to get more Purge to replace some of my single damage type DD/Reflect gear. Or, I could buy all 4 staves and still have enough medals left over for 3 Valk head/body pieces--I know Reflect has a lower proc chance than DD, but they don't take up much gear cost and they're only 280 medals vs the 1400 for Purge! Or...ok time for my calculator

      Possibilities (disclaimer: I'm terrible at math so some of these might be wrong)...

      -4 Athena staff, 0 Purge, 3 Valk df gear
      -3 Athena staff, 1 Purge, 0 Valk df gear
      -3 Athena staff, 0 Purge, 5 Valk df gear
      -2 Athena staff, 1 Purge, 2 Valk df gear
      -1 Athena staff, 1 Purge, 4 Valk df gear
      -1 Athena staff, 0 Purge, 9 Valk df gear mwahahahaha reflects all day oh yeah everyone would commit suicide attacking me (except soldiers, lancers, other mages, anyone with Piercer/Frenzy on)!!
      -0 Athena staff, 0 Purge, 11 Valk df gear, why not list that one while I'm at it! teehee
      -0 Athena staff, 2 Purge, 1 Valk df gear, to get back to being more serious

      My indecision is paralyzing me o.o what do I do someone please advise before medals expire or IDK what sorts of things I'll yolo exchange at the last second!


      • #8
        I might as well ask if anyone wants to offer advice on how to spend my cleric’s 2603 Valk&Athena medals, since maybe buying 4 books and 1 Valk df gear isn’t optimal? IDK if it’d be considered spammy to make a new thread for her.

        She currently uses 3 Athena books and some random stuff (32c HealT XXL, CureTCleanse, Mirror of Darkness for lolz Prayer when I do PvE and my unfortunately URed Kronos relic for PvP). Since weapons aren’t very important for clerics beyond cost recovery, and I’m terrible at cost management and have I mentioned how much I hate OOMing?, I’m leaning toward getting 4 more Athena books and going 7/8/8/7. I assume Xenorelic isn’t a priority, as it’s not going to help me farm PvE for cute stuff any more than, say, another Athena book; am I correct?

        Currently her survivability isn’t much of a problem; if I die, it’s always my mage that dies first. But someday I’ll do harder content, and then I might wish I’d gotten her better defensive procs. She only has 1 omni Reflect, just like my mage. However, she has zero omni DD. So maybe it’s about time I got her a Purge?

        Unlike my mage, she is not drowning in a huge variety of OP utility monsters, but she does have Lefiya which I use in situations where nothing specific is needed. I usually equip:

        Odin x2 (I got lucky and have a MATK/MDEF version and a DEF/MDEF version of him, they’re lovely stat sticks; too bad I have no clue how to actually use him properly)
        4pot Amaterasu
        maxpot Hetei

        I also usually keep Ais around, mostly for the +Uni when I’m going to want to Uni again quickly (and then she’s very jealous of my mage’s Wendy and butler Jupiter). Other monsters available:

        2pot Battle Valk (I’ll get the remaining one in my Ruby box someday…)
        Venus x2
        1pot Ushi
        Artemis x2 (she likes both my accounts)
        Anubis x2
        [HSM] Assassin (from Fate/stay night)
        Nobunaga x2
        [V4x] Kagamine Len
        [V3] Hatsune Miku
        SSR MM2017 Hatsune Miku
        SSR Nurarihyon
        some Alices, Apollos, w/e, I’ll probably sell the dupes since I don’t see any use for them
        those event monsters that are only good with pots, mostly 0 - 2 pots (except I got 4 Darius, WTH would a cleric want with a 3pot Darius, oh well he’s a ToJ bunny I guess)--H&P Lucy, FTG Erza, Yuno, May, Party Limi, Wushi, Nightmare Jack, Dryad deer, whatever, and a 0pot Vivi that I didn’t bother augmenting/equipping

        So not only was I thinking about the books, Purge, and Valk df gear, I also considered Athena monsters. If my math is correct…

        -4 Athena book, 0 Purge, 1 Valk df gear, 0 monster
        -3 Athena book, 0 Purge, 3 Valk df gear, 0 monster
        -3 Athena book, 0 Purge, 1 Valk df gear, 1 Valk monster ticket
        -2 Athena book, 1 Purge, 0 Valk df gear, 0 monster
        -2 Athena book, 0 Purge, 5 Valk df gear, 0 monster
        -2 Athena book, 0 Purge, 3 Valk df gear, 1 Valk monster ticket
        -1 Athena book, 1 Purge, 2 Valk df gear, 0 monster
        -1 Athena book, 1 Purge, 0 Valk df gear, 1 Valk monster ticket
        -1 Athena book, 0 Purge, 0 Valk df gear, 1 Athena monster (bluuuue?)
        -1 Athena book, 0 Purge, 1 Valk df gear, 1 Athena monster ticket
        -1 Athena book, 0 Purge, 0 Valk df gear, 1 Athena monster ticket and 1 Valk monster ticket
        -1 Athena book, 0 Purge, 5 Valk df gear, 1 Valk monster ticket
        -0 Athena book, 1 Purge, 4 Valk df gear, 0 monster
        -0 Athena book, 1 Purge, 2 Valk df gear, 1 Valk monster ticket
        -0 Athena book, 0 Purge, 2 Valk df gear, 1 Athena monster (bluuuue…)
        -0 Athena book, 0 Purge, 0 Valk df gear, 1 Athena monster (blu--) and 1 Valk monster ticket
        -0 Athena book, 0 Purge, 2 Valk df gear, 1 Athena monster ticket and 1 Valk monster ticket
        -0 Athena book, 0 Purge, 3 Valk df gear, 1 Athena monster ticket
        -0 Athena book, 0 Purge, 9 Valk df gear ehehehehehehehehe, 0 monster
        etc etc etc

        See why I’m having an even harder time deciding for her? T.T

        Holy crap I hit the Preview button and this is quite the rambling post. It's past my bedtime, gnite!


        • Exifea
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          4 Athena Books or 2 Athena Books and 1 Purge (for mainslot) would be good choices. 7 Athena Books seems pretty crazy just for PvE though, as you can use the Kronos Relic and Staff to aid with your cost management woes instead.

        • Vegecat
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          Thank you Exifea! 2 books, 1 Purge clothing, 2 ether droplets, and xp limis it is ^^