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  • R8 my set m8s

    Had some upgrades so give me opinions. Hetei is awakened 3 times and the Saga book is infused once

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    Originally posted by BluForrestLeaf View Post
    Rate pls
    I rate it 8/10
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    I'd switch out those HP up constants for procs if I were you, HP up is the least desirable constant imo


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      Try mainslotting your cost recovery relic

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        Maybe that's just me. Yet. I would remove that wind witch (always forget her name, despite having her...) Maybe get an Asvaris, or another defense based stat stick. I would also think about doing the same with Ares. Since she is kinda useless for ya...Especially now that Stellar Mon seem to be more common, than bread in the bakery. Unless ya using them during uni matches. Ya already have a good thing with Water Athena. Combine it with a Mercury, and maybe a Sakuya, and ya have a pretty decent uni match.


        • BluForrestLeaf
          BluForrestLeaf commented
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          Just spawned Miku X Pixie and I'm keeping Ares til (hopefully) I get Saturn/Uranus or THOR SENPAIIIII

        • Keiryu
          Keiryu commented
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          Fair enough. I am using Thellus myself. So I am the last one to comment on someone's Stellar choice. Haha.

        • BluForrestLeaf
          BluForrestLeaf commented
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        Currently 7.5/10

        Few things besides what others have mentioned:

        - Got too many armor up constants, try settling for one of each; phys.+magic.
        - the health regen is pretty usless outside of PvP and GB
        - the relfect pieces you have is in a similar boat as to above ^ since it doesnt negate as much damage/sync well as a phys/mak damage down does with constants so if you have damage downs you'd want to throw them on instead
        - the mirrow wall is pretty poop so you'd might want to drop that book and alot that cost (if you have the drink) into your helm/armors to try and squeeze in another def proc
        -Tbh, Utlity over stats, keep Ares, even if everyone and their mother has a planet there are runs where planets arent available.
        - if you need good stat sticks Ama and Avs. Are your best bets f2p friendly and their abilities are pretty solid too

        Even if Guild set i wouldnt recommend using reflects, unless you feel you proc enough to throw like 1-2 full reflect gears on you

        Hope i didnt go overboad ^3^'
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        • BluForrestLeaf
          BluForrestLeaf commented
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          Whhhaaaaaaat. ;^;

        • HotMessExpress
          HotMessExpress commented
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          To add to the Ares love: elevate is amazing if you have cost recovery in main slot. I really want Uranus, but unless I get her, Ares is my planetary of choice for cleric. Even with atk/def stats, elevate makes her better than the rest imo

        • Tigre_Vorn
          Tigre_Vorn commented
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          Yup. Two defense constant, two offense constant, two other constant. So trying to throw more than two defensive constants in there is a waste of a proc opportunity.

          Any planetary is amazing if you only have one. Obviously if you have more than one type, pick the best one suited for your class. The stat boost to ATK and Def will go much appreciated to the lancer and especially soldiers you might be running with. Also, while yes someone else might have a planetary, it doesn’t hurt to give them the chance to call something else knowing you have haste covered (IE buffs, barriers, balance, puri, mass, Res)

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        For PvE purposes, this is definitely not bad.
        I'm not sure what the rating system entails but I'd give it a 5/10, for good enough to run.

        For PvP purposes, I would suggest swapping out monsters for more armor where applicable.

        You have constants which is nice, but make sure you also have a decent ratio of procs to make use of your constants more effectively. I've found that using too much null gear + constants + opening can really devalue your constants.

        Aside from that, keep working on it. (O_0)b


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          I didn't know that the Valk Armor can have a element, Mine are Non-Elemental I think


          • BluForrestLeaf
            BluForrestLeaf commented
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            It's useful. I have one Water and one Non-Elemental.

          • Tanzenite
            Tanzenite commented
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            My amor and helm are both non elements.

          • Khloebunni
            Khloebunni commented
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            If you spawn something that is usually non-elemental, it may have an element. If you trade in medals though, the gear will remain non-elemental. Or so I have gathered.

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          With the "guild battle" label on those screenshots in mind:

          That miku piece is doing nothing for you until after the collab ends. Consider putting something else in if you can. Same for the HP constants - they're minimally useful.

          Idk why use a stat stick monster if you're not full on defensive gear yet, unless you just don't have enough UR.

          Too many constants. There are differing approaches to this but my preference is to stack MDEF really high and double up on magic constants. Either way, two is the limit.

          Basic attack is more useful than mirror wall in pretty much any scenario. The weapon it comes on is fine, but the ability is trash.

          The spells in the set look like pve choices. Idk if this is a gb set now or not, because you have two long cooldowns and only one single target spell. Would be suicide in pvp, but that's a decent set for pve.

          Replace the HoH pieces when able, as your current set only has one spell able to proc it. As Nemu said, the cost recovery will serve you better in main slot.
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            I rate it 4/10
            Add me if want and I'll help u set it up
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            If this was a pvp set I would say 6/10 but because I see the words gvg up there imma say 2/10 change up the skills to more pvp skills stuff like dignity is not needed and I you may wanna switch up your mons like if someone in your guild already has one and especially if it’s something like Jupiter for all dps classes benefits then lay off but if no one else I guess Aries is nice especially with that elevation skill but I never found the skill useful only on my archer


            • BluForrestLeaf
              BluForrestLeaf commented
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              Seems like everyone has their own. Except GL has Uranus and I have Ares. A member has Hallowitch. Which I guess I can replace. And what abilities should I switch for?

            • Savatar
              Savatar commented
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              I have not read the guide yet but im about to start subbing cleric so I may not be the best resource but I’d say pvp wise arc heal, cleanse healing, greater aid, and I’m assuming either cheer or ee for last spot and don’t use mirror wall it’s bad but the weapon is good itself just use basic atk for doing stuff like trying to build uni and if your gl has Uranus maybe try using water Athena as she is awesome in frontline and more than one planetary is unnecessary unless your doing something like mob

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            :O I should do this, I want constructive criticism!

            ​Your set looks good to me, too much health up for my taste but that's just personal opinion. I don't mind the Ares since I used her on my cleric for the longest time too. Emilia I would drop but I read you just got MikuxPixie so that's wonderful. She ends up being 5112/5112 with 198+. Very good pull. I read someone mention putting the colo relic in main slot and I agree. All that aside, great build.
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