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[Error] Guild Battles

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    [Error] Guild Battles

    We are currently experiencing an error in which players are unable to play the Guild Battles. We are working to fix this and hope to have this fixed within the next 4 hours.

    This error has now been fixed.
    The team is currently considering compensation.
    More information to come later.


      The compensation for this error has been decided.
      Here are the details:

      ▼Applicable Players
      Players that had their Guild Battle schedule set to A, B, or C and logged in during the period of error.

      ・Guild Battle Victory Rewards
      └For all applicable players
      -Schedules A & B: Rewards for 3 matches
      -Schedule C: Rewards for 2 matches

      ・Daily Mission Reward (1 Gem)
      └For all players that were unable to clear the mission due to the error
      *Players in schedule C that participated in the 3rd match are not applicable for this.

      ・Apology (1 Gem)
      └For all applicable players
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