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Patch Notes - April 2019

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  • Patch Notes - April 2019

    See here for patch notes/update info for April.

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    April 4th

    Step Up Spawns
    Featured Monster: [Roving Princess] Yumemi - 37C Wind Monster

    ■Guild Grand Tournament

    Beast’s Revenge
    The Grand Yeti is back!

    ■Recruit Support Campaign
    Usual campaign treats with improved missions

    Potential unlocked for the following monsters:
    [Spirit Queen] Titania
    Siegfried, Heroic Dragon Tamer
    Anemoi, Goddess of the Wind

    *The information provided here is subject to change.


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      April 11th

      ・Treasure Spawns
      Featured Monster: [Big Queen] Ava - 37C Star Monster
      Useful in the Easter Event!

      ・Video Point Spawns
      Get Rabbit Eggs every Step!

      ・FP Spawns
      Updated with Rabbit Gear!

      Collect those Rabbit Eggs!
      Featured Monster: [Egg Artist] Rabby - 37C Dark Monster

      ■Cosmetic Shop
      The cute Easter Cosmetics from last year are back with some new items!

      ■Easter Campaign
      ・Several packs available
      See the in-game notice for the details.

      You can now select up to 20 materials for Augmentation.

      *The information provided here is subject to change.


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        April 18th

        ・Treasure Spawns
        Featured Monster: [Ancient Guardian] Atra - 37C Water Monster

        ・Collect those Rabbit Eggs!
        Rabbit Egg Plushies for your rooms added! Get them from Bonus Cards and Item Exchange.

        ・Return of the Seven Dragons
        Fight against the known Dragon Princesses appearing every day at different times.

        ■Cosmetic Raffle
        The winning Cosmetic combination announced!
        See the in-game notice for details.

        ・Easter Campaign
        Updated with usual packs and a new round of bonus purchased Gems.

        ・Item Shop
        The regular deals.

        ・Gear Locker expanded
        You can now expand it until 1,000 slots and everyone gets 40 slots for free.

        *The information provided here is subject to change.