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Patch Notes - February 2019

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    Patch Notes - February 2019

    See here for patch notes/update info for February.

    February 7th

    Guild Grand Tournament
    The battle for ultimate supermacy begins!

    ・Valentine Surprise
    (Component-crushing Quests)

    Featured Monster:
    36C Time Monster [Beloved Patissier] Chocolat

    ・Box Spawns
    [Sweet Siblings] Hansel & Gretel
    └37C Dark Monster

    ・Furniture Spawns
    Valentine's Day-themed Furniture added

    ■Gift Shop
    ・Valentine's Day-themed Gear added

    *The information provided here is subject to change.


      February 14th

      ■Mobius Path
      This time wind monsters will appear, so use your fire setups for an advantage!

      ■New Classes
      The 6th ring/wheel is coming tomorrow! (If everything goes to plan)
      The subquests and missions for the new Classes will be released at the same time as the 6th wheel.

      ・Treasure Spawns
      Chopin, Performer of Light
      └37C Light Monster

      ・Potential unlocked for the below Monsters
      Manannan, Sea Empress
      Yang Guifei, Imperial Consort
      Oberon, Sky Emperor
      [Rampage] T-48 Satella
      Phantom Prince of Void

      *The information provided here is subject to change.


        February 21th

        ・Treasure Spawns
        [Forest Delivery Girl] Shefia
        └37C Wind Monster
        (Some pretty awesome armor in this series that grants an opening effect that reduces Unison reduction)

        Kind of Belmonte Rol
        Featured Reward - [Kitty King] Cat Sith - 36C Water Monster
        *New face cosmetics available

        Colosseum - The doors to the fight arena are open again!

        ■10 Million Download Campaign
        Regular campaign details plus the below:
        -Once a Day : Free Shared Bonus Spawn ( Spawn x10 )
        -2 Gems every day for the login bonus
        -Materials from the Augment/Reforge Quests boosted

        ■"Happy Blue Angelmin" Egg Gift
        Complete the mission requirements to get a new cute addition to our pet crew!

        ■Facebook Campaign
        Head to the official Facebook page to find out how to enter for a chance to win tons of Gems!
        (The post for this will go up when maintenance is finished.)

        ■Item Shop
        The item shop is back for you to buy the goods you need to save time grinding

        ■Cosmetic Shop
        Four new pieces added

        -Adjustment to EXP Requirements for Leveling Up
        It is now easier to level up than before.

        -Increase to Stats and Strength of Friendly NPCs in the Following Quests
        Beast’s Revenge
        Flower of Bewitching Beauty
        Roaring Dragon
        Nine Tails Spirit
        Assassin from Above
        Scriptio Jest
        Sacred Fortitude
        Beasts of Inferno
        Heavenly Luxavian
        Winds of the Sacred Sword
        Mobius Path

        -Increase to Augment EXP Gained When Augmenting with the Following Augment Materials
        Silver Sword
        Silver Helm
        Silver Mail
        EXP Limimin
        Gold Limimin
        Skill Limimin
        Gold Sword
        Golden Helm
        Golden Mail
        Big EXP Limimin
        Big Gold Limimin
        Big Skill Limimin
        Platinum Sword
        Platinum Helm
        Platinum Mail
        EXP Limimin King
        Gold Limimin King
        Skill Limimin King

        *The information provided here is subject to change.


          February 28th

          ・Step Up Spawns
          Guaranteed either White Rabbit of Love, Tequila OR God of Sweets Loki [Vt.] at Step 3!

          Under the Cherry Blossoms

          Unison League Practice Guild Raid - Stargod Uranus

          ■Cosmetic Shop
          Carnival pieces added

          ・Unison Time will go into Daylight Saving Time and will move forward by 1 hour after maintenance on 3/14 (Thu.)

          *The information provided here is subject to change.