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[Important] Guild Grand Tournament Compensation Revised

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    [Important] Guild Grand Tournament Compensation Revised

    First of all I would like to apologize to everyone for the way the errors regarding the Guild Grand Tournament were handled.
    The lack of thinking the solution through properly coupled with the lack of information from us led to unnecessary confusion and additional errors which is neither professional nor acceptable.
    I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize on behalf of everyone on the team involved.

    I will work closely with the team so that we can make this an opportunity for us to learn from our mistakes, so we do not make them again.

    🔶Regarding the server connection issues:
    I'm still waiting for news from the team on how they intend to combat this going forward and I will share that with you all when I hear from them.

    🔶Regarding the compensation:
    I spoke to the team regarding the compensation for the errors surrounding the GGT and they have agreed to revise the compensation. The details are as follows:

    ・All players that participated in the GGT will be given 10 Gems as token of apology for the errors that occurred.
    ・All players that participated in the GGT will be given the rewards for coming first place minus the Crown cosmetic. This cosmetic will only be given to the Guild that ended in first place.

    Players will first receive the rewards for the rank they ended at and then after they will be compensated with the additional rewards so that the rewards they receive are the same as for ranking 1st place (minus the Crown).

    It will take us some time to work out the compensation so the additional rewards mentioned above will be given out during maintenance on 12/13.

    I know this is just a small consolation, but the team and I will continue to work hard to smooth out the problems and make the Unison League experience the best it can be.

    Thank you all for playing and being part of the Unison community.

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