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Patch Notes - December 2018

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  • Patch Notes - December 2018

    See here for patch notes/update info for December.

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    December 6th

    ■*New Feature* Pet Pairing
    The ability to pair your Pets with others to make Eggs is here!
    Eggs born take on characteristics from their parents, so work with others to breed your ideal Pet!

    ・Guild Grand Tournament
    This time all of the participants get a "The Chosen Warrior" T-Shirt!
    (Thanks for the idea for this here on the forum guys. You can check the design when the relevant notice is posted.)

    ・The story continues...
    New main Quests added!

    ・Treasure Spawns
    36C Light Monster -- [Smiling Maiden] Guinevere

    ■Winter Campaign
    The usual campaign treats + 36C Ninoyu now available in the Potential Unlocking Pack

    ・Lobby interface updated
    We've attempted to tidy up the lobby and make the chat a little easier to see

    ・Potentials Unlocked
    (This should be all of the remaining 34C Monsters. If we've missed any, please let me know)

    *The information provided here is subject to change.


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      December 13th

      ・"Present from the Troupe!" Quests added
      Featured Monster: 36C Fire [Shooting for Stardom] Noe

      ・Box Spawns
      36C Water Monster -- [Reader of the Stars]Queen Dorje

      ■Winter Campaign
      Awakening & Ether Pack + Medal Pack added to the shop

      ・Player level cap raised from 190 to 200
      ・5 Gear Cost granted for each of the following slots: Weapon, Head Gear, Body Gear, and Monster.
      ・The cosmetic items given out based on account age were supposed to be issued this week (for those who were unable to collect them as they had already passed that login day); however, due to the recent server issues, we're going to issue them next week.

      *The information provided here is subject to change


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        December 20th

        Merry Christmas, everyone!
        Have a great time with all of the people dear to you!

        Practice Guild Raid
        Ares, Celestial Goddess

        ・Jewel of the Seven Dragons -- Hellfire Ruby Dragon
        Featured Monster: 40C Lana, Ruby Dragon Princess
        (These Quests are too hot for Ateam Admin to handle. No seriously, you need to bring a strong Water build and an even better strategy to these Quests.)

        ・Treasure Spawns
        36C Water Monster -- [Mist-born Goddess] Suthiara
        (Comes with a "Blessing" effect useful for the above Quests

        ■Christmas Campaign
        ・Items added to the Gift Shop
        ・Xmassy Gear added to FP Spawns
        ・The usual campaign stuff

        ・You now have the option to hide other players' names
        Check the settings screen for this option.

        *The information provided here is subject to change