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[Error] FMA Collab Skill

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  • [Error] FMA Collab Skill

    We have discovered that the added effects on the Collab Gear is not working in the 'Fledgling' and 'Proficient' Gluttony the Voracious Quests.

    We are currently working to fix this and we are also considering compensation of the affected players.
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    This error was fixed at 10/11 (Thu.) 4:40 a.m. Unison Time.
    The below compensation will be given to affected players:

    Players eligible for compensation must meet both of the below requirements:
    ・Players that obtained a Collab Gear piece with a Collab skill (except from the State Alchemist Pocket Watch and the Date-Engraved Pocket Watch).
    ・Players that were unable to clear the affected Quests.

    ・The amount of AP used on the affected Quests that could not be completed will be refunded.
    ・1 Gem as a token of apology.

    Compensation will be issues 10/12