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[Notice] Avia's Talks With the Team - 1

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    [Notice] Avia's Talks With the Team - 1

    We really appreciate all the feedback you guys give us and to show you that we are actually listening and passing on your comments and to keep everyone up to date with where the different suggestions/requests are at, I'm going to be posting about the things I talk to the team about (when I have the time).
    (I'm posting here because if I post in the 'General' section I'll be inundated with comments and I won't be able to keep up, so I'd like to keep this one way traffic.)

    Without further ado, here's the first list of the things I spoke to the team about:

    ①Can we make cosmetic items for the winners of the Ranked Guild Raid?
    -> The head of Unison will think about this and get back to me.

    ②Can Spawns be announced ahead of time (especially the really juicy stuff that I want to save my money for)?
    -> Ateam's policy is to announce Spawns after they are released as there may be last minute changes that could cause problems.
    (I will need to speak to the higher-ups about this more as it goes against the Ateam status quo, but the chances of this happening are quite small.)

    ③Can the Blue Knight Series Guaranteed Ticket in the Recycle Medal exchange be changed to a selection Ticket?
    -> The team will look into this a little more, but their reaction seemed to be quite positive.

    ④Can the Lucky Limimin Bag be made available every month?
    -> The team is going to think about this a little.

    (Sidenote: I'm going to talk about a monthly AP pack next time I talk with the team)

    ⑤Can Star Medals be added to the exchange list for Limimin Cookies and Recycle Medals?
    -> The team is aiming to get these in at the end of the month.

    ⑥Duel Rooms
    -> I'm still waiting on a schedule for when they will be back up. I'll share this with everyone as soon as I get confirmation.

    ⑦Can we do something with leftover Box Spawn Tickets?
    -> This was a suggestion from quite a while back. The original solution was to make the Box Spawns resettable, but that ended up in diluted rates for the good stuff as they could be farmed over and over.
    The new plan is to make a Box Spawn where all of the leftover tickets can be used. (I'm guessing it will contain pretty standard stuff like Taspies, etc.) This should be going in this week.

    *Disclaimer: Any dates for the implementation of anything mentioned here are tentative and subject to change.
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