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[Notice] Future Updates

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    [Notice] Future Updates

    [Updated: January 2019]

    The updates below are in the works.

    ◆Town Feature (Planned for 2019/1/31)
    The first installment of the Town feature is coming and along with it Fishing!
    Fish together with your friends and guildies for some cool items!

    ◆New Classes (Planned for 2019/2/14)
    5 new advanced Classes coming!

    ◆Guild Matching Improved
    The matching algorithm will updated so that players will face a wider range of Guilds in Guild Battles.

    ◆Tower Events
    How high can you go? How high can you go? These events will get harder the higher you climb. How far can you make it within the time limit?

    ◆Passive Monster Skills
    Passive skills for monsters in the works. More info to come later.

    ◆Multi-Player Raid Events
    Boss battles with more players than the current Super United Offense Quests and Guild Battles!
    Muster your might together and crush the enemy into the dust!

    ◆Guild Territory Wars
    All of the Guilds in Unison will be separated into 4 different factions where they battle it out in a new and fresh style of cooperative combat.
    Work with allied Guilds to increase your territory while aiming for the big prize -- capturing the enemy's Stronghold!

    ◆Pet Feature (Implemented 2018/9/13)
    Grow your very own pets and take them on Quests! Check out other players' pets and flaunt yours in pet chat rooms.

    ◆Challenge Other Guilds to Battles (Implemented 2018/11/1)
    Fight other Guilds in mock Guild Battles at your own desired times. Coordinate with other friendly or rival Guilds to hone your Guild Battles skills. If you think you're up for it, try challenging the top-ranked Guilds!

    ◆Grow Abilities (Implemented 2018/11/8)
    Use Proficiency to boost your Abilities! You will be able to choose the route you want to take your Abilities adding a whole new level of strategy.

    *The information here is tentative and subject to change without prior notice.
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