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Patch Notes - October 2017

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  • Patch Notes - October 2017

    Update information for October can be found below.

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    October 5th

    The 2017 Magical Mirai Miku Collab has started!
    Login Bonus campaign
    Comeback campaign
    EXP/GOLD/Prof doubled during the collab!
    Great Success rates boosted!
    Augment Pack
    Orb Pack

    Magical Mirai 2017
    Mikumin Party

    Collab Spawns
    Step up spawns

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      October 12th

      Today's content is a little on the light side.

      Divine Grace Spawns
      - Halloween Miku has been made available in these Spawns!


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        October 19th

        Halloween Event!
        Ranked Guild Battle
        Cosmetic Shop Sales
        Augment Packs
        Orn Packs

        Twilight Harvest
        Jack’s Trick Tips

        Halloween Spawns
        Halloween Furnitures Spawns
        Halloween FP Spawns

        Some effect translations have been adjusted in Chinese and German

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          October 26th

          Wind Mobius
          New stuff in the cosmetic shop for Halloween!

          Planetary Treasure Spawns
          Fire Gear rates up spawns
          Halloween FP spawns!

          Users from teh Thai version have joined our ranks!
          APs can now overflow when you level up
          The Limimin Racing is now a regular (Please note that the previous cookies should have been usable until the first reset, but for development reasons we had to already make them unusable)

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