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Forum Rule Addition (6/15/15)

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  • Forum Rule Addition (6/15/15)

    Greetings, recruits!

    Many users have been creating excellent Unison-related content and posting links to it within the forums. The rules previously did not allow for the posting of links to third-party sites, but we have updated them to permit links under certain conditions. The rule addition can be viewed in the stickied rules thread and pasted below:

    20. Links to Unison League-related content on third-party sites may be posted if moderator permission is received in advance. Please send a private message to this account (Ateam Admin) or any account with a [MOD] tag for link approval. Note that permission to post the link may not be granted if any content on the linked site is deemed inappropriate. Any links posted without prior approval will be removed.

    Keep all that awesome content coming!

    Signature image courtesy ekichou.