Ateam Forums Closing [UPDATE]

The forums will be closing at the end of April. However, we may have an option for backing up some content.

Details are in this thread.
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Ateam Forums Closing [UPDATE]

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    Ateam Forums Closing [UPDATE]

    These forums have now been live for nearly five years, but activity has declined to near zero as the majority of the community has shifted to our Discord server. Because of this, it is with heavy heart that we announce the forums will be closing down at the end of April. At the end of February we will disable new account registrations, then at the end of March we will disable new posts from being made.

    We looked into several possibilities, but unfortunately we could not find a feasible way to leave any of the forum content available to the community. That means that after they close down, they will be GONE. If there's any content you wish to save, please do so before then!

    We are deeply thankful for all of the amazing fanart, resources, and discussions that you all shared here. While these forums will be closing, our Discord is active and not going anywhere! If you've yet to join us there, do so by following this link!

    We hope to see you there!
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    As previously announced, the forums will be closing at the end of April and all of the content on the forums will be lost. Today, I have disabled new account registrations as detailed in the post above this one.

    However! I've been contacted by a user who is willing to take it upon themselves (hopefully with some help from the community!) to back up some of the content onto tumblr.

    The content that is currently planned to be saved on tumblr is as follows:

    1. Update content threads sharing info on updates to the Japanese version of Unison League
    2. Fanart
    3. Off-topic threads posted in the Unison League subforum

    If you have posted anything that you do NOT want to be backed up, please delete it from the forums and contact me here via private message before March 31, 2020. Any content still remaining on the forums after that date will be deemed OK to backup on tumblr.

    A few extra notes:
    1. The tumblr pages with the backups will be UNOFFICIAL and not affiliated with Ateam.
    2. Anyone that assists in the backup process DOES NOT have the right to use the forum content as they see fit; only copying the content to the tumblr pages will be allowed.
    3. Rights to the original content posted remain with the user that posted them. However, Ateam retains the right of the original author in the exploitation of a derivative work. (Legal speak meaning that if anyone other than the original poster wants to use the posted content for anything other than what's stated here, they must first get consent from Ateam.)

    We'll share more details in the near future, but for now please delete any content you don't want backed up and let me know you deleted it!
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      New posts have been disabled, bringing an official end to the forums.

      But do not despair! As detailed in the post above this one, a selfless member of the community has offered a method to back up forum content in the form of unofficial tumblrs.
      All content remaining on the forums at the time of this post have been deemed OK to back up in the eyes of the original poster, but not everything WILL be backed up mostly due to volume.

      If you would like to offer your assistance with the backup process, come to Discord ( . The user coordinating everything is |CG| Magic Star#4518, you can shoot her a message for details. I've also created a temporary Discord channel, #forum-backup, that is dedicated to this process.

      Hope to see you there!

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