We're on Discord!

In case you missed it, Ateam now has an official (and active!) Discord server! A lot of forum activity has moved there, so click here to come join us!
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Ateam Official Discord Server!

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    Ateam Official Discord Server!

    In case any of you missed the notices posted in Valkyrie Connect and Unison League, we now have an official Ateam server in the free chat app Discord!

    ■Discord Server Link

    The server has just opened but we've already had a great response and the community is flooding in. Several Ateam staff members are also hanging out there, so come join us!

    *As with the forums, the Discord server is English only.
    *After you connect to the server you will receive a private message from our Bot that contains the server rules. Use the !agree command in that message to gain access to all the chat channels.
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